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    Just received a Devialet Master 440 Pro

    Hi Sunny Would you mind expanding a little bit on the comparisons with the other integrateds? In what ways do the other integrateds sound better? I am currently using a Devialet D200 and am wondering if I should try out other integrateds or just upgrade within the Devialet family to the D440...
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    Recommendation for $7,000 System

    I am currently using a Devialet D200/ Audio Physic Virgo 25/ Rega RP6 system in a larger room. If they are willing to buy used, it should be possible to assemble a similar system within that budget. However, auditioning components before buying might be an issue. If they are in the PNW, they...
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    Get ready to sell your Wilson, Sonus Faber And YG's......NOS Bose 901 Series VI in the house!

    Brings back memories In the early 90s, the Bose 901 was first purchase into “audiophiledom” when I was in graduate school. I used to power it with a Pioneer receiver. At that time, I thought it was best thing since sliced bread. My previous equipment listening to music was a cassette player and...
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    A Saturday Afternoon

    Agree... live in the eastside of Seattle. Awesome weather today. Took the kids skiing and snowboarding for the day. Looking forward to an evening with some tunes and scotch. Enjoy while it lasts.
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    Recommendations for NYC audio establishments?

    Hi, I would like to get your thoughts on the comparison between the Absolare and the Devialet units. I am currently using a Devialet D200 in my system. I like the functionality of a single box solution and it sounds pretty good. It has a very low noise floor, excellent sound staging, very...
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    Recommendations for NYC audio establishments?

    Thanks for the invite. I will definitely call and see if we could setup a mutual convenient time for me to visit. Much appreciate the invite. I will also check out Stereo Exchange and Sound by Singer.
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    Recommendations for NYC audio establishments?

    Hi, We will be visiting New York City for a week right after Christmas. I would like to visit some stores to listen to music played through components that I cannot audition in the Pacific NorthWET. There are no local dealers for Absolare, Gryphon, Rockport, Magico, etc.. It would be great if I...
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    Transparency and the sound of a system

    Sorry if this is a dumb question/comment. I just like listening to music on a good system and am not an experienced gear head. How come nobody has mentioned fidelity to the live performance, the sound of instruments played live, the ambience of the performance venue, the “energy” of the music...
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    Los Angeles Audio Stores ?

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Will try to check at least a couple of them out. Asiufy- San Diego is on my list as it’s been a while since I visited. Will definitely stop by if I come.
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    Welcome Xander and a trip to Mikes place.

    Awesome story. It was very generous of you two to dedicate such time and effort to Xander in his pursuits. It is invariably events like this that “create” new enthusiasts. I still remember my first exposure to good sound audio at a Bottlehead event about 20 years back. Ella sang “Bewitched...
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    Los Angeles Audio Stores ?

    Hi All, I am in LA, CA this week until Friday. I might have some time to visit audio stores in the area. Do you have any recommendations for which ones to visit? Thanks. Jay
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    Star Wars VIII : The Last Jedi | Official New Trailer

    +1 Totally agree with you. Saw the movie last night. The storyline seems really void of any new ideas. I agree that They need a completely new direction if they are making any more sequels. Benicio was the best part and wasn’t featured for more than a few minutes as a 10sec codebreaker. Pretty sad.
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    Suggestions: SOTA Ethernet Server for a DAC Renderer

    Awesome. The Zenith or SE is one of the units I am considering as one of my requirements is Spotify with a ripper. There are very few servers that offer a ripper and Spotify support. Please do give Spotify a try and tell us how it sounds. Much appreciated.
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    Bose QC-25 Around-ear Noise Canceling Stereo Headphone review

    I went on a trip to London last week and picked up at QC30 (?) noise cancelling ear phones for the journey. The noise canceling feature was just awesome on the flights. It just removed about 99% of the aircraft drone. It turned out to be a pretty comfortable flight. It is amazing how much stress...
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    Seasons Greetings From Your WBF Admin Team

    Merry Christmas to everyone and their families. Our best wishes for a happy new year.

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