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    Recent Concerts You've Enjoyed

    Fun outdoor concert. America, 50th anniversary tour in Houston last night.
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    Drums Tape vs Digital Recording

    Interesting comparison of tape vs digital recording of a drum kit. These guys are not audiophiles. They are a drum retailer with branches in NY and Chicago.
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    Modern speakers vs Vintage speakers

    Thank you for posting these videos. Reminds me of why I always liked horns. May have to rethink my system.
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    On A Higher Note Update and Upgrades (Part I)

    Thanks Philip. Looking forward to hearing them in Houston
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    Mac OS Big Sur

    Thank you for your input. I'm not going to upgrade.
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    Member quick Survey about Axpona 2020 in August

    Have tickets also, but NO.
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    Cat jl5

    From their AXPONA flyer: JL5 BPE $14,995 JL5 LE (Limited Edition) $19,995
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    Recent Concerts You've Enjoyed

    Agree. Still alive and kicking. Stones in Houston July 27
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    Some 2018 Axpona Pics

    From someone who couldn't attend this year, appreciate you posting.
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    Tape Head Rewire pics

    Thanks, it was a little bit of a pain soldering the thin leads so i was not going to try different cables. Yes it sounds great. Sorry, I can't answer your last question. When i received the Flux heads, I went ahead and attached the phono cable. Never tried it with the Studer wiring. I wasn't...
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    Tape Head Rewire pics

    Hi I wired it myself. The cable manufacturer exposed the leads to my requirements. The free ground wire in the picture was eventually soldered to the shield enclosing the head to take care some hum issues. Yes I'd say it was definitely worth it. Much better sonics with the Flux heads to King...
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    Tape Head Rewire pics

    Flux Magnetics Head wired with phono cable (same as supplied in some REED tonearms) This exits underneath the A80 to King/Cello preamp
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    Acoustic Sounds reel-to-reel tapes are coming

    Hi jsn, Yes, there were classical titles. Titles escape me. This was the last room I visited, before catching the airport shuttle. Note that these were sampler tapes with each reel containing different Artist/Titles, so which ones will actually be released is the question.
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    Acoustic Sounds reel-to-reel tapes are coming

    Caught a glimpse of some of the track listings on the Sampler tape boxes. Saw titles by Oscar Peterson, Creedence Clearwater, Muddy Waters, Sonny Rollins, Dave Bruebeck.... Listened to Muddy Waters track that Jeff Rowland put on, sounded great.
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    iPhone 4s Users May Want to Avoid iOS 8 Due to Performance and Screen Size Issues

    Thanks for passing along this info. I'm going to wait.

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