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    I2S cable recommendation?

    Thanks for the heads up Vince. Tough choice.. Revelation cables look good, haven't heard much of Crystal Cable but their HDMI looks well built too.
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    Totaldac versus Rockna Wavedream?

    Closer to 5K USD for the M1SE recently, but yes it's a great deal second hand.
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    Totaldac versus Rockna Wavedream?

    Looks like the Wavelight server is shipping soon.. – Roon/MPD/DLNA/Upnp/Airplay/HQPNAA – webserver / ripping using external usb optical drive – 8 (12) TB max internal storage (ssd only) – 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0 (as in/outputs) – I2S...
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    I2S cable recommendation?

    Hi I'm looking for I2S recommendations maybe under 500 USD. Not huge fan on Audioquest. Was thinking Phasure may be a good option but would love to hear some suggestions. Using for Rockna Wavelight Server to Wavelight DAC. Ideally <1m. Thanks.
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    FTA (Final Touch Audio) Callisto USB cable

    I'd love to hear someones impressions of Sablon vs FTA USB? It is similar price.
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    High-end Speakers V Headphone - you kidding me....

    Headphones are nice since it removes the room. And more pragmatically, can be used late at night w/o waking up the kids or neighbors. It can never replace the speaker experience though. I also think the Susvara is better than Abyss but I can see why someone would like Abyss.
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    Totaldac versus Rockna Wavedream?

    One US dealer I spoke with said Rockna plans to launch the Wavelight server officially in June. And that all Wavelight units are fastly sold out and only available build to order 3-4 weeks.
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    Totaldac versus Rockna Wavedream?

    How soon, do you have recent info? Those images are from last year I believe. Their official site still says coming soon.
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    Totaldac versus Rockna Wavedream?

    Wavedream is a bit more than I want to spend but I have the Wavelight on order. Cheers!

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