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    Sablon Ethernet - 2020 model

    A pair of 2020 Sablon ethernet finally reached Melbourne all the way from London, took about 18 days to reach here. Thanks Mark @Sablon Audio
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    Caelin, what's your view on ethernet cables?

    Thank you @crion Hope to hear more feedbacks from the rest. Im still holding my purchase cause I wont be able to try any of them since Im currently away from home and have no access to my system. So your feedbacks would be really useful for the decision making of this purchase.
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    What ethernet cables are members using?

    Thanks for the heads up. Can you elaborate more why? Would like to hear more thank you.
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    What ethernet cables are members using?

    Im eager to hear comparison from anyone whos got an experience hearing the Shunyata Sigma Ethernet cable and the Pachanko Aphileon ethernet cable. Im about to purchase either one of them. But havent heard any of them. The one I have currently in my system is the Revelation Audio Labs one. Thanks...
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    Caelin, what's your view on ethernet cables?

    Im about to make a purchase on the sigma, but also curious on how the pachanko aphelion compares to the sigma ?

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