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    Features I'd like to see on the Select DAC II

    Yeah I want an optical renderer too...Also waiting for dsd512 on renderer...
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    All New Amplifier Technology From MSB-Introducing the M500 and the S500

    Congratz cincy! Nice review too...I'm also awaiting delivery of a modest S500 to replace my DagS250...hopefully Jan... Cheers!
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    MSB M500 monos : Home audition in Hong Kong

    Nice review...In fact, I have similar feelings about this whole thing (although I have only heard m500 at the HK show)... Righteousness is a dramatic word. I would rather put it as natural, or perhaps supernatural!
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    PLiXiR Elite Series balanced Power - an unpretentious choice for my MSB Select stack

    Try Stromtank battery if you want the best... But then again, its effect on the (already excellent) select powerbases could be relatively small. Stromtank benefits on other components (especially amp) are huge. The above just my 2 cents Cheers
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    MSB M500 monos : Home audition in Hong Kong

    This is intriguing... I play my select dac mostly at 70ish but always imagine that 90ish could be better (on manufacturer's recommendation)
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    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    power house 3 platinum is 3 generations ago and long superseded by power house 4 alpha power house zero power house zero ultimate even brimar is superseded by brimar graphene
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    New Wadax Atlantis Reference Dac

    I think it is in 3 dac box and 2 power boxes on two sides...
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    New Wadax Atlantis Reference Dac

    50000 hours are roughly equivalent to 30 engineers working for one year. In Hong Kong, the approximate cost of such work is in the region of US$3million.
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    MSB Select II arrival

    Brimar was supposed to be the stellar one last year, but then came the Zero, and Graphene?, and whatnot...not even sure which one is best now...
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    MSB Select II arrival

    According to the manual, there are supposed to be one main fuse and one unused fuse (in each power base presumably). I bought a brimar fuse last year and was trying to swap it in, but the local dealer convinced me not to do so, claiming that the original fuse was most balanced. I may yet try...
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    MSB Renderer v2 in the house!

    The WiFi interface manual can be found at the Discontinued Product Manuals section of msbtechnology website.
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    MSB Renderer v2 in the house!

    Some msb models like analog already has an earlier mqa usb module, so renderer 2 is not the first mqa addition. For dac v etc, renderer 2 is mqa capable for the first time.
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    Goodbye Vivaldi

    Congratulations Cincy...and Ken... BTW, the Select Transport is in production and the local agent Pacific Audio here in Hong Kong said delivery within 2 lets see...
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    MSB Renderer v2 in the house!

    New renderer 2 up and running at koalakoala's place! 5 units were shipped to Hong Kong last week... many thanks to the local agent Pacific Audio for the speedy installation... Need time for burning in... First impression - no doubt a significant upgrade over the old renderer.

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