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    M12 Gold Switch

    a new review of the m12 switch gold, JCAT Optimo 3 Duo and JCAT signature lan cable gold m12x has just been published which is a pleasure to read. Great pictures too
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    M12 Gold Switch

    Ok OK! It is settled now :) Please await an email with a tracking number Regards Marcin
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    M12 Gold Switch

    the switches are in stock with cables and power supplies. The lead time is for Optimo 3 duo which every unit is customized and different transformer is required depending the AC mains voltage, dc output voltages and connectors. 3-4 weeks is not long for a bespoke build, but perhaps there are...
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    M12 Gold Switch

    Salman, I informed you that your power supply will ship this week. I gave you my private phone number. It is not a support hotline. if you are not happy, please send an email and I’ll make you a refund. Regards Marcin
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    M12 Gold Switch

    M12 SWITCH GOLD & OPTIMO 3 DUO reviewed by Soundrebels The article is available in Polish for now. The official English translation will follow shortly. For now, please use Google Translate:
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    Network Improvements and their Impact on Sound Quality

    Hi Guys, My article linked and quoted in qobuz newsletter Perhaps someone will find it interesting Here is the article...
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    M12 Gold Switch

    In my opinion, the impact on sound is greatly defined by m12 switch gold wiith the optimo 3 duo power supply as it's closest to the hi-fi system. Router choice is still audible, but it has much lower effect. Once you receive the optimo 3 duo and the signature lan cable gold m12x, you will...
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    M12 Gold Switch

    JCAT is now the official distributor of M12 switches also in United States:
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    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    Depends what you use to output AES/EBU. If it's a USB-AES/EBU converter then obviously you can use jplay.
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    M12 Gold Switch

    thank you @Musiclvr I wish to be able to sell the m12 switch main unit separately. It is not my idée fixe to force the sales of the m12 switch with the cables. Japan Telegaertner Limited has this policy and my price for the set with cables is the same as the main unit alone. I am in...
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    M12 Gold Switch

    Mark, this is not fair, to put it mildly. I have the exclusive right to sell Telegaertner Japan Limited in Europe. You have not even contacted me to get a quote and I am working with dealers. Instead, you go behind me back and source the m12 switches from one of the distributors outside of EU...
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    M12 Gold Switch

    That looks very nice. Thank you for sharing. I'd recommend using the net isolator between the router and the m12 switch. Best regards, Marcin
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    New to the forum: high end music server with Roon Core and 3 x dedicated linear power supplies

    I have a question: what happens if a recording is already in 432Hz? e.g. Leszek Mozdzer & Holland Baroque - Earth Particles
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    SoulNote S-3 CD/SACD player & transport, D-3 DAC,..

    Thanks for the report on the K1X @CKKeung It's on my DAC ilst to audition. I'm no longer interested in any DACs based on integrated circuits. R2R is superior imho. The only interesting DAC I heard based on D/A chip was Gryphon Kallliope, but still, the treble from Sabre is not acceptable to my...
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    M12 Gold Switch

    Thank you Alex!

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