Mark (Basspig) Weiss

Career Background in Optical Physics, Technical Writing, Engineering, Broadcast Audio Design, presently self-employed as a Video Production Consultant.

Music, graphics, video technology, photography, audio/hi-fi, Japanese anime, especially the music soundtracks, bicycling, spending time with my wife, daughter and pet cockatiel
New Milford, CT
The Place To List Your Gear
Pre-amp: Carver C-4000, Main EQ: Behringer DEQ2496, Crossovers: 2 Behringer DCX2496's, dbx 4bx Expander with Impact Restoration, dbx 500 Subharmonic Synthesizer, Power Amps, Mid-High: Dual Hafler 500's, bridged mono, with capacitor upgrades, Surround: Hafler 500, stereo mode, with modified input circuitry & capacitor upgrade, Center Channel: Hafler 500, bridged mono, with capacitor upgrade, Mid-bass: QSC Powerlight 6.0, Sub-bass: QSC Powerlight 6.0, , Speakers, Mid-high: JBL E120 and JBL 2403 in custom-built dodecahedral enclosures, Center channel: JBL E120 and JBL 2403 in custom-built dodecahedral enclosure, Mid-bass: two Electro-Voice EVX180B in two custom built single driver cabinets, four Electro-Voice EVX180B in two custom built dual driver cabinets, Sub-bass: Four Bassmaxx ZR18 fiberglass/kevlar pistons in custom built Hemholtz resonators, Surround Speakers: MTX Thunder Pro 2, , Sources:, Sony BDP-S301 Blu-ray player, Oppo 981HD DVD player, Switcher: Zektor MAS7.1, Denon DCD-590
Retired Engineer, Now Pursuing Business in Cinemat


Mark & Mary Ann Weiss
The Best in Video & Sound My Company FaceBook Page
My The Bass Pig's Lair - 20,000 Watts of Driving Surround Sound!




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