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    KeithR's "Dream Speaker" Search

    I would say there's almost zero horns we can fit in our rooms that have zero sound radiating behind them. It might be 10-20dB lower than the sound on axis, but not zero. The placement with respect to the front wall still greatly impacts the midbass region. While you can definitely still get...
  2. Mark Seaton

    KeithR's "Dream Speaker" Search

    While toe will have very noticeable effects on many speakers, the cut off in sound as you move beyond the ideal window of a horn can be more dramatic. Depending on the angles to the first reflection points, simple toe in changes can make bigger differences to the balance of sound that hits...
  3. Mark Seaton

    KeithR's "Dream Speaker" Search

    While there is a wide range of variation in horns due to the huge effect the horn shape and size has on how sound is sprayed into the room, all horns will have significantly different sound radiation from that of a simple dome & small mid or vs a panel type speaker. While the direct sound to...
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    Diesis Audio Roma uses a BMS coaxial driver

    There are multiple compression drivers readily available which can push breakup past 20kHz. There were fewer options 10 years ago. As the diaphragm/VC size gets bigger, the options narrow further, as the compression chamber and pathways have to be designed with this extension in mind. One...
  5. Mark Seaton

    YG introduces the InVincible, 21" all-aluminum 6000W sub!

    If you look at all of YG Acoustics's designs, I don't see much of anything straying from the target of a niche within an already small niche. I would give credit for a more unique solution than we often see in such solutions. Of course I'm always amused when I hear behind the scenes that some...
  6. Mark Seaton

    YG introduces the InVincible, 21" all-aluminum 6000W sub!

    I missed this post previously, but I think we're missing some context for that mass, aside from the matter of if it matters much or not. If you want an actual woofer that goes deep, you really need some moving mass to keep the resonance low to not get too far below the efficient range of a...
  7. Mark Seaton

    Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO) and episode one synopsis

    I wasn't the ending we lusted for, but as I got past that it did come full circle for those who started watching in season 1. I did love the Drogon melting the Iron throne, but was disappointed we didn't get to see how Jon told everyone what happened, as there was no evidence left other than a...
  8. Mark Seaton

    Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO) and episode one synopsis

    A prequel is much more likely than a continuation, but that depends if HBO feels they fully milked that cash cow.
  9. Mark Seaton

    Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO) and episode one synopsis

    I cringed as I watched Dany's long telegraphed lean toward the Mad Queen, but love the episode and twists. Given the history of the show to tear up the obvious story lines such as with the Red Wedding, I have to wonder if instead Jon will be killed by Dany while likley giving Arya the chance to...
  10. Mark Seaton

    Building bass traps into the ceiling?

    Very good advice here. I've seen many efforts to attack one room problem with tuned traps, and more than 1/2 the time they create as many issues as they solve, and many times they don't end up in a useful place. Unless someone doing the modeling of your room has verified their model with...
  11. Mark Seaton

    YG introduces the InVincible, 21" all-aluminum 6000W sub!

    Nice to see some of the high tech, large diameter woofers out there adapted for the more exotic builders out there. It's also amusing to see the amplifier, which is one of the most robust bass amplifiers available, especially for anything in the realm of 6000W. The US Made, Class D amplifier...
  12. Mark Seaton

    Ron's Speaker, Turntable, Power and Room Treatment Upgrades

    Good to see you here Nathan. Ron - Nathan can certainly create a solution that performs and looks the part of what you are after. I want to re-iterate that the quest for the ultra low frequency extension and not using DSP, and using standard amplifiers without signal manipulation beyond a low...
  13. Mark Seaton

    Happy 9th Birthday To WBF

    Congrats on the staying power of Whats Best Forum! There truly is only one "oneobgyn"! Any thoughts on a 10 year anniversary gathering of some form?
  14. Mark Seaton

    New Room Design - Advice Needed

    Quick jumping out of order for the questions, of course these are my opinion, and you will find many varying opinions on many details. Q2: Not the big rotund/arc'd diffusor. Stick to flat and add what ever treatments you come up with. Your M2!5 speakers won't put a lot high frequency energy...
  15. Mark Seaton

    Yter Flexum Acoustic Panel

    I'm sure it might do *something* to change the sound bouncing around, but I don't see anything suggesting an ability for significant diffusion or other desired acoustic attributes. The curved face will scatter a very limited bandwidth, and there may be some wider admittance of sound through the...

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