Martin B. Wax M.D. is currently the Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice-President of R&D at PanOptica, Inc., a private biotechnology company specializing in ophthalmic pharmaceuticals. He was Vice President of R&D and Head of Ophthalmology Discovery Research and Preclinical Sciences at Alcon Laboratories in Ft. Worth, Texas from 2003-2008. He is currently a Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the NYU School of Medicine and Langone Medical Center in NYC.

I attend about 12 classical concerts a year but my favorite concerts are outdoor venues (i.e. Telluride) for jazz festivals.
United States
The Place To List Your Gear
AC outlets: Low level+Amps: Shunyata Copper Conn or Hubbell 8200 series ; For subs:Wattgate 330i Ag

Phono: Goldmund Studio (Hewlett Packard PS) w T3F arm, Benz Micro LPS (on Vibraplane), Zanden 1200 Mk3; Tara Zero Evo phono ICs (T3F to Zanden); Masterbuilt Ultra w Furutech gold connectors from Zanden to Soulution 725 pre

Digital: Meitner TX2 and Lampi GG2 DAC- Ching Cheng PC , MB Ultra ICs (w Bocchino B3 RCAs) from GG2 to Soulution 725 preamp

Server: Innuous Zenith Mk3 w 14TB Western Digital NAS running Roon; Stealth Select-T USB from Innuous to Lampi GG-2

Pre-amplifier: Soulution 725 with Furutech DPS4.1 PC (FI-11 male, FI-46 IEC)

Amplifier: Soulution 511 monoamps: Furutech DPS4.1 PC (FI-11 male, FI-46); Masterbuilt Ultra ICs w Bocchino connectors from 725 pre to Soulution amps

JL- Audio Gotham v2 Subs: Moon Audio Silver Dragon PC (D/C'd). Belden 8214 interconnects from Spectral preamp to Gotham subs

Speakers: Wilson Alexandria S2; Masterbuilt Ultra speaker cables
Ophthalmologist clinician-scientist



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