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    Streaming Rules the Marketplace

    Mike What is PCIe High Rez? Is that a streaming service available to the public? BTW, I was surprised to find that Tidal MQA was preferred to Qobuz Hi Rez about 50% of the time. A more relaxed, natural presentation particularly for solo piano recordings. But not consistently. Nice to have...
  2. marty

    Pacific dac: Lampizator's new top of the line dac

    "misuse of triodes"? "53 million circuit variations"? In my experience, participants on the forum are interested in serious inquiry, education and meaningful conversation. Your mischaracterization and hyperbole above is sadly not worthy of a thoughtful reply.
  3. marty

    For what it's Worth-Tesla

    Here's an interesting article on Tesla from an analyst who usually doesn't publish his thoughts as he has a subscription newsletter for that purpose. But this is article was in the public domain and I thought it was insightful...
  4. marty

    Pacific dac: Lampizator's new top of the line dac

    Good question indeed, but these questions are as old as the hills and still don't have clear answers. It's easy to say that all electrical devices do is amplify or transduct a signal and the most relevant parameters that determine how well they do that are power bandwidth, distortion and S/N...
  5. marty

    Pacific dac: Lampizator's new top of the line dac

    My SS DAC was a Meitner DA-2. I sold it for a Lampi GG2 and never looked back. Lampi is just in a different league.
  6. marty

    Lampizator Valve / Tube Rolling Review Thread

    Let's be clear about what we are talking about when you say "RK". Are you referring to the RK-KR PX25 vs the KR 242, or the RK-KR 242 vs the KR-242? As far as I know, very few people have tried the RK KR 242 while several have tried the RK-KR PX25.
  7. marty

    Pacific dac: Lampizator's new top of the line dac

    Francisco, In principle, I agree with you. But from a pragmatic point of view, I just don't think that is possible in each case. Let me give you an analogy from the pharmaceutical industry. I know of a drug that when given as an eye drop, will lower the intraocular pressure. This is a useful...
  8. marty

    Pacific dac: Lampizator's new top of the line dac

    Highstream, Redphu, Al Are we still on the Lampi hum thing? On one hand, it seems that based on several reports, there no obvious “one size fits all” root cause of the problem. Hum can be caused by almost anything. As Al wisely points out, did you rule out proximity effect? No amount of...
  9. marty

    Ode to a Swiss Turntable

    Bill As you know, audiophiles often flip gear faster than some folks flip burgers. My approach has always been to upgrade the weakest link in my system as my budget allows. I can't think of very many pieces of gear that are capable of enduring that strategy for over 3 decades without making me...
  10. marty

    Audiophile Fuses

    Kenny, anything I might say should rapidly be overruled by one's personal experience. Whatever works for you should automatically negate biased comments from someone like me!
  11. marty

    Ode to a Swiss Turntable

    Why the fancy words Ron? Why not just say you think it's one ugly MFk'r of a tonearm!! :cool:
  12. marty

    Ode to a Swiss Turntable

    Always wanted to try a Reed 3P so that's what is currently ordered- delivery in a few weeks. I think the ease of reliable and reproducible adjustments (azimuth, VTA, etc) may be important and useful, hence the Reed. Adjustments on the Goldmund is an ordeal just short of a religious ritual so I...
  13. marty

    Ode to a Swiss Turntable

    I feel worse about this than I have after attending some funerals. After 30 plus years, I am retiring my much beloved Goldmund Studio turntable with a Goldmund T3F tonearm. If I had a dollar for every time this turntable made my brain sing, I would be a wealthy man. I can however, attest to the...
  14. marty

    Audiophile Fuses

    SR is highly adept at marketing. All companies requires a continuous roll out of new products in order to grow, and who better than audiophiles to take advantage of due to our continual cravings for the next great thing? My guess however, is that you can take any of their current fuses, take...
  15. marty

    Recent Concerts You've Enjoyed

    I'm jealous. Lived in STL for 12 years (90-02) and loved going to the Sheldon- great hall. (Powell Hall is of course, also great). Kidjo rocks!

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