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    Is Native DXD the Best that Digital has to Offer?

    Nagra does a great job with DXD also. Tried the sample DXD track from Spirit of Turtle and it seems their approach is truly remarkable. I was able to find Reiner’s version of Brahms Symphony No 4 (the work that got me hooked on classical music) in DXD on High Definition Tape Transfers...
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    Sablon USB cable - 2020 model

    Agree. I too have noticed continued improvement throughout the time the cable has been in my system. It’s pretty special.
  3. MJD Michigan

    Sablon USB cable - 2020 model

    I've been viewing this site forever and feel like I should start earning my place by posting a note or two. Something "sbenyo" said regarding burn in of the UBS cable mirrored my experience. I replaced the 2017 cable with the 2020 (unpowered). Straight away I heard more clarity, more...

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