Swimming, reading, designing medical devices, DIY hifi, playing poker, playing golf, table tennis etc.
The Place To List Your Gear
Speakers: Odeon La Boheme horn speakers, DIY horn speaker based on Supravox 215-2000, Dynamikks Athos 10

Amps: Aries Cerat Genus, MasterSound Dueundici, WLM Minueta, LD+ 300B monos (derived from WE 91 design)

Preamps: Aries Cerat Incito, PureSound L10

Digital: Aries Cerat Kassandra, Monarchy Audio M24 DAC, Metrum Octave DAC, Kinergetics KCD55 Ultra DAC (Lampizated with Amber tube output board), PS Audio Ultralink II, Monarchy Audio DIP anti-jitter interface

Analog: Yamaha GT-2000 with external power supply and vacuum platter, Audio Technica AT15MLX cartridge, Kiseki Blue Cartridge, Silvaweld SWH-650 tube phonostage

Cables: Einstein speaker cables, Goertz copper foil speaker cables and Goertz silver foil interconnects, NBS Omega Extreme power cables, Vovox power cables, Boenicke Audio interconnects, Boenicke Audio speaker cables.

Power: Monarchy Audio power regenerator (for sources only)
Analytical project leader, Novartis Pharma AG


Schulstrasse 5


Industry Affiliation:

Sound Castles klg
Swiss Importer/distributor for Aries Cerat Ltd.



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