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    ROCK Music Albums that had a Significant Impact in your Youth | Including some that you know are ..

    I think you can tell from my Avatar, the band that had the biggest impact on me. I'll be a veteran cosmic rocker until the day I die.
  2. Mr Rickz

    Do You Still Play Compact Discs?

    I'm old enough to remember purchasing an LP, listening to it once, then recording it to R to R tape. The LP then went on the shelf for safe keeping. Having recently purchased a Bluesound Vault 2I, I am in the process of ripping several hundred CDs. But this time, the reasoning is to be able...
  3. Mr Rickz

    Keith Jarrett: Over the Rainbow (Tokyo 1984)

    No one could ever say he doesn't put his heart and soul into his music.
  4. Mr Rickz

    Bluesound Vault 2i. Streamer/Ripper/Library

    So, being a bit of a Luddite, I've finally decided to get my feet wet on an all-in-one solution to archive my CD collection, access streaming services, and explore internet radio. The above mentioned device appears to accomplish those tasks for a reasonable price. The Vault operates using the...
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    Best desktop DAC/amp for an old iMac (2015) and average bookshelf speaker?

    If you can get by without MQA the range of DACs from Schiit Audio offer good value for money.
  6. Mr Rickz

    Best budget turntable?

    As mentioned above, a TT from Rega and Project are a good place to start. They offer units in your price range that are pretty much plug-and-play. If you decide that you want to go deeper into vinyl, the rabbit hole goes very deep.
  7. Mr Rickz

    Gryphon Diablo Integrated Amplifier Owners

    Alan Shaw recommends solid state in the range of 100wpc. I think the Harbeths will be with me a long time so I'd like to treat them properly. Use will be primarily in the near field. Looking at the Diablo, and others.
  8. Mr Rickz

    Gryphon Diablo Integrated Amplifier Owners

    I guess we can discuss it in a week or so. :cool:
  9. Mr Rickz

    Gryphon Diablo Integrated Amplifier Owners

    I'm investigating integrated amplifiers to power my new Harbeth Monitor 30.2 Anniversary Editions. Do we have any Diablo owners in the group? I'd appreciate your comments. Edit: Specifically the Diablo 120.
  10. Mr Rickz

    Most Respected Amplifier Designers

    And I would add Jason Stoddard --- Schiit Audio.
  11. Mr Rickz

    What's Everyone Reading

    99% True...almost a national bestseller. -- Paul McGowan
  12. Mr Rickz

    Oh jeez - M6, another super-speaker from Magico

    I must apologize to the group. I'm nearly 70 years old, but somewhere along the way I seem to have lost my serious.
  13. Mr Rickz

    Oh jeez - M6, another super-speaker from Magico

    No self respecting audiophile would take people into their listening room a say, " And this is my pile of Schiit."
  14. Mr Rickz

    Oh jeez - M6, another super-speaker from Magico

    You know what speakers Schiit uses at the shows?? Salk!

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