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    Also agree. Excellent show, and great ensemble acting...( I somewhat disagree on Jason Bateman...his performance, if not quite up to the rest of the cast, still is quite good) Cheers....

    Auto Insurance?

    I have been with WAWANESA Insurance for years. Although I cant speak to how they handle a claim (I have been fortunate accidents) their rates are excellent. Cheers....

    Equi=Tech 2RQ Versus PS Audio P10

    The P20 , yes, but not with an isolation transformer. The P20 is superior to the P10 in every area, including dynamics, so I am just extrapolating from your comments/ observations vis a vis The P10 and the Equitech.

    Equi=Tech 2RQ Versus PS Audio P10

    Buy a P20 and don’t look back.......

    Yet Another Hybrid ESL Project

    Excellent work.....

    Streaming Rules the Marketplace

    I actually find Tidal somewhat better than Qobuz, even non MQA. TIDAL has a somewhat richer, denser quality to it, that seems to make it a little more relaxing to listen to. I find Qobuz to be clearly more “transparent”, with a better sense of pace (PRAT), and generally somewhat more “alive”...

    Scaena install

    Have fun.........

    The All Analog, All Lamm, PBN M2!5 System of JeffreyT

    Concur......they are excellent overall amps, and especially work well with the PBN M2.5 Symmetrical......and if one changes out the driver tubes to some Shu Guang CV 181 z, they are even better....

    CS Port LFT1 turntable added to the system

    VERY NICE.... CAN we get some more detailed pictures of the table.....Thanks.... PS....I would think with the VAN DEN HUL MASTER SIG, and the LT arm you are getting some spectacular “sound-staging “ characteristics.....
  10. MRJAZZ

    New Album & The Beginning of Basketball Season

    Interesting stat from this relatively young season, but LJ is leading the league in assists......who would have thought.....
  11. MRJAZZ

    Amazon just may have killed Tidal!

    Yes......ditch your Mac Mini, and use a Bluesound Node 2i . The Bluesound app is decent and you can control it from your Smartphone or IPAD. Cheers.....
  12. MRJAZZ

    Amazon HD

    Any Bluesound device....... Cheers ........
  13. MRJAZZ

    The Tres Amigos Ride Again-Telluride Blues and Brews Festival And Conquering The Mountain

    Very cool write up, and great pictures....... truly breathtaking beauty........ Cheers.....
  14. MRJAZZ

    The Rake

    Concur...very well written and interesting characters.....
  15. MRJAZZ

    Chronosonic XVX.

    Looks like an Alexx with an additional seven inch mid bass driver, and using just one of the Scanspeak Illuminaters from the WAMM for the mids....

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