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    The Ugly American

    Serena is probably the greatest female player of all time. So why does she get the additional benefit of ignoring certain rules? While trailing Osaka, Serena clearly received coaching. Why should she get a free pass as a GOAT? She went on to break her racket, and go on a long rant against...
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    installing 7 Furutech GTX-D NFC (R) outlets this morning

    I've been tempted to replace the AC inlet on several amps but the modifications were too extensive. I went straight to the FI-50 NCF because I heard a demo of the Siltech Triple Crown. It's a good sign when other cables like the Triple Crown and Audience Au24 SX use the NCF. My dealers has to...
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    installing 7 Furutech GTX-D NFC (R) outlets this morning

    It annoys me that we spend so much on power cables but connections are sometimes poor due to heavy cables and flimsy IEC connectors. It doesn't help that wall outlets are usually 14-16" off the floor, and cables tend to pull the connectors loose. So I was pleased to see that the Shunyata...
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    Any cyclists here?

    Great time! I'm training for the Mt Baker climb in a few weeks. It's an easier climb but quite scenic. I find that a power meter is more effective training tool than heart rate monitor. You can add a power meter to your bike or use an indoor trainer with PowerTap hub (eg. Cyclops Phantom).
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    Any cyclists here?

    I use the Ultegra Di2 on my Calfee, but SRAM XX1 on my Norco Sight. How does the XTR Di2 compare to 1x11 or 2x11 mechanical shifting? Did you use the Synchro mode so that Di2 changes the front and rear derailleurs to get the right gear combo? How sensitive is the rear derailleur to dirt or...
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    Any cyclists here?

    Most road bike use carbon frames for the low weight and comfortable ride. On mtn bikes, there is the added benefit of placing the rear suspension in the optimal location (without compromises from conventional Al tubing). I've noticed that a carbon frame is doesn't rattle and holds a better...
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    Any cyclists here?

    The 29" wheels are a good option for taller riders and rolling, XC terrain. Where I ride (Vancouver and Whistler, BC), the 27.5" wheels are more popular because the terrain is steeper and more technical. Wider rims (35mm+) and tires (2.3" +) are also popular for greater traction. The other...
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    Any cyclists here?

    I'm also using the Light Bicycle carbon rims (35mm 650B x DT240s hubs) on my Norco Carbon Sight 7.2 full suspension bike. I also upgraded the fork to the Rockshox Pike 150mm, and SRAM XX1 1x11 drivetrain. It's a really fun ride. My road bike is a Cannondale Synapse with Sram Red 10 sp...
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    Madfloyd's System

    You have a fantastic system! I have a question about room acoustics. How did you deal with the open layout (ie. no left wall) and large window between your Magicos? I have a large window on my left wall (about 120") and I've been looking for ways to increase absorption and diffusion.
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    Active Anti-vibration Platforms : Accurion i4 and Herzan TS150

    Thanks CK for an informative post! I think experimentation is key because some components are surprisingly sensitive to vibration control. For example, I didn't expect some power conditioners (eg. PS Audio Premier, Nordost Thor) to sound so much better with footers (eg. Stillpoints Ultra SS...
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    Synergistic Research HOTs - Headphone Optimized Transducer

    If you start a thread based on another source, the least you can do is to give a proper citation. I found the photo and the thread from Head Fi at: If you actually read the thread, it's not clear who ripped the HOTs apart...
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    Devialet - use of its phono stage

    I really wanted to love the Devialet. It's compact and it would be nice to get rid of my separates and mass of cables (my wife would be ecstatic). After reading all the reviews, i wanted to hear for myself. One local store used the Devialet 400 to drive a Magico S5. The system was in a small...
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    Entreq USB Cable Exposed.

    Sild is conspicuously silent after making a posting a wild (defamatory?) claim. What's his intent? According to Merriam Webster, fake is something that is "not true or real : meant to look real or genuine but not real or genuine." There is no evidence that Entreq made a false or misleading...
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    Entreq USB Cable Exposed.

    This thread is much ado about nothing. Most consumer product involve some degree of sub-contracted parts. Speakers brands commonly buy drives from Scanspeak and other specialists. Does that make Wilson better or worse than Magico? it's not unusual for amp out-source power supplies...
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    Pass Labs .8 Series!

    Thanks for informative review PeterA because I'm seriously thinking about upgrading to the .8 amps. I also think that the Pass amp should be on Stillpoints. I've tried the Ultra SS on my XP-20 and X250.5 and the improvement on the latter was far more audible. I suggest that the Stillpoints...

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