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    The [coffee snobs'] espresso thread

    I agree, but I'm always fighting the freshness battle..
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    The [coffee snobs'] espresso thread

    I have an 'Expobar Brewtus, but I think the next frontier is perhaps roasting one's own beans. Check out Bean Bon on Kickstarter..
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    Oh my, oh my - Aries Cerat Helene DAC

    Yes, I have. The Rockna Wavedream Signature was in my system and compared to my reference Metrum Adagio as well as the overachieving Yggdrasil Analog. I then heard the Helene compared to the Rockna WS as well as my Metrum Adagio in a second excellent system. If I may use the analogy of a four...
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    Overachieving CD Player/Transports: Vintage or Otherwise

    I always like to have reasonably priced gear to calibrate my ears. Whats your favorite sub $2000 CDP/Transport that competes with the best, Legacy or otherwise?
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    Upgrading Integrated Amp

    If you can listen to one, I highly recommend the Crayon line of amplifiers.
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    Oh my, oh my - Aries Cerat Helene DAC

    I guess my overarching reaction to the Helene versus all other DACs I've heard (perhaps save the latest from MSB which I have only heard under show conditons) is that I no longer crave having an analog source. The image density and the musicality of the piece reminds me of all the positive...
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    Oh my, oh my - Aries Cerat Helene DAC

    I have heard both, and while the Rockna is a very good DAC, the Helene is in a different league musically.
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    Straight Wire with Gain: SOTA Preamps With Minimal Insertion Loss on a Digital Based System

    I have played at this game and have yet to find a preamp that I prefer between my Metrum Adagio DAC and my amplifiers. I've always liked the gain but not at the expense of resolution and clarity. I don't like digital volume controls either, so I've settled on a DAC that varies the reference...
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    Laser measurement for speaker positioning

    I'm thinking of buying a new Hilti PM 30-MG MULTI-LINE LASER to assist in speaker setup. Anyone have experience with this unit or similar ones from Bosch or Dewalt?
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    Stereo Imaging Recordings? What are you're References?

    I guess demo disks first followed by great imaging. I think that most demo disk Imaging tracks are culled from existing recordings. I'm thiking of some that have excellent imaging characteristics side to side AND front to back, like Flamenco Sketches.
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    Stereo Imaging Recordings? What are you're References?

    For me its always Kind of Blues especially Flamenco Sketches. But I'd like a few more (digital preferably but not exclusively) so I can Give Miles a rest...
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    Bayz Audio Courante 2.0s

    The radiating area of the 'black piece' AKA the Bayz Radial Speaker or BRS is 157 cm2 or 24.3 in2 on the Courantes. The BRS on the Counterpoint is twice these values; 314 cm2 or 48.6 in2. A standard one inch dome tweeter has a radiating area of slightly more than 8 cm2 or 3.14 in2 The BRS has...
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    Bayz Audio Courante 2.0s

    Yes, but premature to say much at this point. The sound is still changing daily, partly the speakers but mainly my own adjustment to their uncoventional sonics and presentation (but musically absolutely right IMHO).
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    Bayz Audio Counterpoint 2.0 >>>>Rhapsody.Audio

    I'm not sure the use of the word 'forward' as it is traditionally used in audio, would describe the sonics of Bayz speakers. I think of tonality and projection when I hear 'forward' as a descriptor. The Bayz are not forward in these respects. The new Courantes are indeed a significant step up...

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