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    Grimm MU-1 server review - A new force in digital source?

    Another award for Grimm.
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    What is it with the Dutch and high end servers?

    After the Six Moons award nomination, Grimm have picked up another one.
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    Grimm MU-1 server review - A new force in digital source?

    I had a 6 hour continuous session with the Grimm today and it was not fatiguing at all listening to digital content for that long. The flow and detail are quite astounding.
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    Grimm MU-1 server review - A new force in digital source?

    V Very interesting about the Aqua LinQ streamer, which too has an FPGA card, and avoids a USB output. It has quite a few different proprietary outputs that probably match its own brand of DAC's, quite ideal. The difference I find is that the Grimm FPGA card upsamples red book to 176.4Hz...
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    Grimm MU-1 server review - A new force in digital source?

    Fred, thanks for the link. In regards to what I considered, it would have been quite a few brands like Melco, Lumin, Antipodes and the Taiko. The Grimm did something more with passing the signal through it's FPGA card. Most of all it negated the need for having to get into tweaking by using...
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    Grimm MU-1 server review - A new force in digital source?

    Hi Francisco, Yes there are certainly more Players in the Netherlands and global field. It’s that Phillips experience amongst them all that probably gives them the edge. The Grimm is quite new and comparisons to others would come down the line once it gets more opportunity to showcase itself...
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    Grimm MU-1 server review - A new force in digital source?

    6Moons review of Grimm MU-1 by M&H I have waited a long time to get the right server. I think I have found one that serves the purpose especially for streaming Tidal and Qobuz. Though this is not a cheap unit, it certainly needs to be compared in listening to the higher brands out there like...
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    Best streamer for Qobuz ?

    Highly recommend the Grimm MU-1. It's new, and would be right up there. You won't need switches and clocks either. Certainly has that closeness and flow of tape.
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    The Tres Amigos Ride Again-An Ongoing Saga----The Tres are Now Quattro Amigos

    Great story and journey Steve, and some lovely anecdotes with photos too. Reminds me of the one we did some 4 years back or so. As you said, this hobby does make you some life long friends. Best Neville
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    Zero Distortion: The General's System - Pnoe, Thomas Mayer, Vyger, Original LPs

    Great read Ked's! So glad you got the 'General's lust and drive into our lives. :)
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    The 7th AudioExotics Super Hiend Audio Gala in Hong Kong, 7-8 July 2018

    I have had the pleasure of attending the AE show a few years back (2016). What the team accomplishes in such a short set up time is astonishing from the playback I heard. The components are great and for those that can afford it kudos to them. Sure show conditions can be challenging and when...
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    Our Piazzolla Master Tape at the Munich High End Show, 2018.

    Had the opportunity to hear this recording recently. Great quality and performance.
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    Dave Wilson R.I.P. - A Legend Passes

    A passing of a Legend in the industry. RIP Dave Wilson.
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    I bought my dream speakers...

    Look forward to your findings when they arrive. As mentioned earlier, give it time. Great move and Congratulations. Happy Listening!
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    I said I would never buy another Turntable...Argh !!!

    That's a brilliant one Tang!:) Must remember to use it on my kids!

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