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    M12 Gold Switch

    Congratulation @audioblazer , Your impression and thoughts will be appreciated.
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    Denafrips product owners please fall in

    @Blake Do you need to add something to Gaia + Qutest after additional burn in? Also I'm looking forward to read your comparison between Gaia with Qutest to Gaia with the Terminator Plus. Can you please post a photo and a link from where you bought Kimber D60 cable?
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    Network Improvements and their Impact on Sound Quality

    Out of curiosity what is the specs of Statement transformer and your DC3 transformer as well?
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    New to the forum: high end music server with Roon Core and 3 x dedicated linear power supplies

    432 EVO Reference HiFi Music Server Streamer "Standard Model" REVIEW Conclusion Roon -Tastic from (Pursuit Perfect System Channel in YouTube) I voted for Track B and that was using Tunning 432 HZ.
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    M12 Gold Switch

    Thanks Bob for your help, I figured out what is the problem, the USB wasn't connected probably to my Server.
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    M12 Gold Switch

    Thanks Bob, it seems it isn't related to M12 because I took it out from my chain and again my DAC isn't recognized, I will try to figure out what is the problem.
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    M12 Gold Switch

    Is there any settings for M12 before playing? Because I'm connecting M12 Gold Switch after Edge Router X SFP switch, I can access to my Euphony in iPad but I can't see my DAC despite I restarted all the chain again from tX-USBULTRA up to my DAC. Also I restarted Euphony multiple times but...
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    Network Improvements and their Impact on Sound Quality

    Congratulation Bob for this amazing setup, out of curiosity how many CS2 did you use under M12 and how did you find it?
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    M12 Gold Switch

    What is the dimension of Daiza you used here?
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    Melco S100 audiophile switch

    May I know what is the type of DC input for Melco S100, is it 5.5X2.1mm or 2.5mm?
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    M12 Gold Switch

    @Marcin_gps How much the Power Consumption of M12 Gold Switch? Will the LPS with 12V-2A be enough to power it?
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    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    Here's the link to the Part #4 of Extreme review from Ray:
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    Network Improvements and their Impact on Sound Quality

    @Rhapsody do you know the type of power connector for Edge Router, is it 5.5X2.1mm or 5.5X2.5mm?
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    Network Improvements and their Impact on Sound Quality

    Really appreciate your feedback and what I know from you the second Switch became a mandatory as same as the first switch.

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