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    What Vintage Piece of Electronic Gear Did You Wish You Never Sold

    If I look back through my rose tinted spectacles, I would have to include the Mark Levinson MKII monoblocks, the Vendetta Research Phonostage, Cello Palette and The audionote Japan/kondo M7 Silver sounds phono. If I then look through my Zeiss Binoculars I would realise that after 30 or 40...
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    AMR PH-77

    We hear a lot about the CH Precision phonostage with its range of equalisation curves, and if you were in Munich this year you might have caught Roy G's presentation illustrating their differences. Anyway i was wondering if anyone has an informed opinion about AMR's PH-77 phono stage. This is a...
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    Best switchable wand tonearm?

    Yes we need more people to give opinions and accept them when they are not based on evidence.
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    Best switchable wand tonearm?

    Like most things, once you are familiar with making the adjustments with the Graham it becomes second nature. There is ,however, an arm that is rarely discussed that allows you to use interchanageable headshells; the VIV Rigid float. Ignore the naysayers who will tell you that it cannot work...
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    Best switchable wand tonearm?

    I do have a number of 12" armwands for my graham phantom III. Each of my dynavector XV-1s, Lyra Titan s, allearts MC-1, Io-j and Io-m is fitted to an arm wand. It takes less than a minute to change the wand and then obviosly adjust TW and possibly azimuth. job done. Certainly a lot cheaper than...
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    Which 300b amplifier: Nagra 300p, Luxman MQ-300, Wavac EC-300B, Air Tight ATM-300R, Shindo Cortese 300b

    Any reason why you you must have a 300B with the Devores. you might want to consider running them with a good 211
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    Zu loudspeakers

    You really can not get away from the evil storm god. Monotheism never really caught on in Hi Fi; for some anyway. Perhaps some one will bang on endlessly about Horning or De Vore or even Cerat
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    Zu loudspeakers

    Oh dear...that explains why you like the Zu's
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    Zu loudspeakers

    Russell....Please do not encourage him. Please tell me that the Merlot was not new world
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    Audiomeca Belladonna Turntable

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience of this TT with the Septum Arm. This was the last TT that Pierre Lurne made before his car accident prevented him from continuing. For those who do not know; he played a large part in the design of the Goldmunf Ref and the T3F/ T5 arms as well as the...
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    Kind regards and salutations to all

    Hi Sammy Welcome to the forum. We need more obsessives. I have heard all about your system from Ked and Martin Peter
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    Thinking about obtaining a SME M2 - 12R tonearm mated with some type of spu

    As I seem to have been mentioned a couple of times in this thread I will weigh in. My only experience with the SME was a V on my Verdier and it just did not work for me. I used a SME 345 on an Oracle once and it was a superb match. So synergy rules. As far as the SME M2-12r and the 3012r are...
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    FS: Lyra Connoisseur 4-2L SE. Line Stage preamp

    Can you tell me the voltage of the power supply? REgards Peter
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    Degritter ultrasonic record cleaner

    Agree completely. Nothing to add
  15. perart1

    Degritter ultrasonic record cleaner

    Actually degassing will take place naturally but is more often used when the cleaning solution is replaced for obvious reasons. It is good protocol to degass on turning on the machine. Which is why commercial machines have that facility. Errr yes you are right. Not sure why i wrote that...

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