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    Doctor's Orders-Part Two-The New Listening Room Of Steve Williams

    Always great visiting friends & enjoying a music session. For me, besides the camaraderie, I am continually on the hunt for demo songs to include in the next Demo compilation CD. Steve never disappoints but usually has some wonderful music that is a sonic treat. INTERESTING MUSIC Who Am I -...
  2. Philip O Hanlon

    Stereophile review / comparison Graham LS3/5 and LS3/5A versus Falcon LS3/5A

    Ever since the Graham Audio loudspeakers representation in the U.S. and Canada, we have been looking for a suitable amplifier for the 3/5's and the 6's. After many auditions and A/B tests, we are delighted to say that the Moon Audio integrated amplifier from Sweden is a fantastic pairing to...
  3. Philip O Hanlon

    Any Bergmann "Galder" owners here ?

    No offense meant Bazelio but I think you are missing the point of the Bergmann TT system. The AF3 Premium is a wonderful table but the performance is challenged by the use of traditional radial tonearms. The linear tracking arm with air bearing is far superior to the best of the radial arms -...
  4. Philip O Hanlon

    Any Bergmann "Galder" owners here ?

    We are delivering a 40KG copper platter to a reviewer on Friday. will ask him to write about it, once it's installed in his black / black Galder. BTW, he also is receiving a matching copper armboard & record clamp.
  5. Philip O Hanlon

    Any Bergmann "Galder" owners here ?

    Yesterday I installed a Dynavector XV-1S on to the Odin tonearm. A lot more resolute than the Brinkmann Pi (Benz Micro motor) with lovely extended high frequencies; cymbals have lots of air around them. Has a lovely involving midrange. Currently running 300 ohms loading into the Gryphon...
  6. Philip O Hanlon

    Graham's new LS5/5

    This is a message from Derek Hughes, designer, Graham Audio, to give you an insight into how the LS5/5 unconventional slots work: “All drive units are omnidirectional at low frequencies and have an increasingly narrow dispersion (beam width) as the frequency increases. This means that at the...
  7. Philip O Hanlon

    Gryphon Essence

    eagle333 congrats on a great write-up. Just one small correction - the Essence preamp can accept a fully balanced DAC module or the PS2-S phono stage with variable loading, but not both. If an audiophile needs both, then we suggest that he goes with the internal DAC and either the Sonett or...
  8. Philip O Hanlon

    NEW - Irish Super Premium Whiskey

    Received a late birthday gift of RB 27 YO from my Pandora this evening ! As you can see from the outside packaging, its Batch # 1, 2020. I already have the 12, 15 & 21 on hand. Have tried the 12 YO Cask Strength & 12 YO Lusteau but prefer the 15 YO for just a few more $$. Will celebrate...
  9. Philip O Hanlon

    Dedicated audio room build thread aka The Big Dig

    Hugh, I look forward to visiting Lorie & yourself and hearing this amazing room for myself. warm regards Philip
  10. Philip O Hanlon

    Installing the Trident 2

    Had a wonderful music session on Friday afternoon with Steve Williams, the co-founder and fearless leader of WBF. Swapped out the Mephisto for the Essence, which is sweeter amplifier and though less resolving, its not noticeable that we are missing any musical information. Given that the mid...
  11. Philip O Hanlon

    Installing the Trident 2

    Hugh, I hear through the grapevine that your listening room is spectacular ! Congrats ! Please post photos & impressions of the finished product. Many thanks, Philip
  12. Philip O Hanlon

    Installing the Trident 2

    Ron, Whenever you are ready, I would be happy to lend you - the Antileon EVO, Essence or Mephisto to drive your Pendragons. Hopefully, the Lockdown will be lifted shortly & we'll all use the Apple / Google Tracing app on our phones. Should address concern about having guests over to your...
  13. Philip O Hanlon

    Gryphon Colosseum Stereo v Antileon Evo Stereo

    AJR, Another point worth considering when it comes to speaker selection is whether you focus on the recording or the music ? The Magicos are superb at retrieving detail, whereas if you are looking for a more musical experience, you might consider auditioning the Pantheon. Though your room size...
  14. Philip O Hanlon

    Gryphon Colosseum Stereo v Antileon Evo Stereo

    AJR, The Anitileon EVO & Pandora combination is wonderful. We used them last year at THE Show in Long Beach, CA with the Magico S5 Mk2 to great effect. The Magico speakers have become considerably more musical over the years. The other piece of gear you should audition would be the Ethos CD...
  15. Philip O Hanlon

    One of the finest whiskeys - introducing Red Spot.

    I am not familiar with 23 YO Red Breast; by any chance do you mean 25 YO ? Red Breast have produced limited production, 19, 25 or 32 (Dream Cask); All Sherry & Mano A Lamh (Sherry) in v small quantities. I will indeed take you up on your kind offer for whiskey tasting in Austin, when the...

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