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    Genesis Advanced Technologies SuperSub Subwoofer

    i can only use my version as an example as Nathan hasn't pub;ished all the figures for the 18.2 my 18.0LX has an RMS output of 4400 and peak 10400. The 18.2 uses an outboard amp with 2 connected power cables. The driver motor unit is all about heat dissipation. They are very very serious units.
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    Genesis Advanced Technologies SuperSub Subwoofer

    The funk 18.2 has a peak output power of 21200 watts. If you had 2 of them that’s 40kw I have the model below which is rated at 10400 watts peak. I’m not sure your comparing apples with apples when u compare an 18.2 to any sort of Rel. let alone 2 x 18.2. Also, with the model below the 18.2...
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    My new 2160

    and in the same spirit i have just ordered my second German Shepherd dog ...... pets do have an amazing effect on us
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    Genesis Advanced Technologies SuperSub Subwoofer

    only music videos etc - its great ... but just wanted to be clear i have never used it in my big system
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    Genesis Advanced Technologies SuperSub Subwoofer

    i have a Funk 18.0LX - (its one rung down from the 18.2). I had a Rythmik E15HP2 and i have a Magico SSub. The Funk is the best by a long margin. It simply doesn't compare with the other 2. Albeit in this system it is only used for HT in my living room not for music - but it would still be very...
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    Which 12" tonearm for Miyajima Zero?

    Glanz make a range of tonearms - 4 series. I have the top 2 and also several Miyajima. Worth exploring. What about an MH 9b or 10b ?
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    Statement e2 has come available…

    ib buy them but imm in Australia
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    DaVa FC-A1 a field coil contender

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    DaVa FC-A1 a field coil contender

    guys - how does one buy a a DaVa ? i cant find anything on the internet about them ......
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    Glanz 12 inch tone arm

    I have both. Yes it’s better. But the 1200 is no slouch. Both super precision engineered and sound fabulous.
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    Which cables do you use with CH Precision products?

    I use full loom of Crystal Cable. Best I’ve had so far.
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    Ch precision...p1

    for me a second P1 had more impact than a single X1 on a single P1. I now have 2 of both so if thats ur ultimate goal it kind of doesn't matter
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    Has Anybody Tried Crystal Cable Reference Interconnects And Power Cords?

    no not specifically ...... but if u want to upgrade then u need to look at art series
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    Has Anybody Tried Crystal Cable Reference Interconnects And Power Cords?

    hi - i use diamond reference pc and ic in my HT and i use DaVinci in my big system. I would not be worried about lean and bright with Crystal cables. before i had DaVinci speaker cables i used Tara Labs Omega Evolution which are all copper. The crystal cables are smoother warmer and have way...
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    New Product Press release

    According to my dealer no it doesn’t. New boards slot right in. I guess we will all find out in due time.

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