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    The Worlds Best Listening Room?

    The sound in cathedrals is usually very good (very high ceilings and lots of diffusion). A beautiful Jazz recording that demonstrates this is Branford Marsalis' In My Solitude: Live at Grace Cathedral. Because there is only one instrument, the effect of the space is very evident.
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    Denali vs PS Powerplants

    Haven't tried power regenerators, but have tried isolation transformers, choke-based systems, filter-based systems, balanced power. Unlike these (in my system at any rate) the Denali v2 makes a very significant improvement to timbre and tone. And it does that without favoring any frequency...
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    "Why do you like the music you like? Science weighs in" - Interesting Article

    And I may have Benjamin Button syndrome. Perhaps I should stop listening to so much music, especially since it is different from the music I grew up on.
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    The Worlds Best Listening Room?

    The "original" main auditorium was organic. With the remodeled version, you could almost here people blink. And when audience members who had the score with them turned a page, it sounded like a tornado. "The Trumpet Shall Sound" from Handel's Messiah could blow out eardrums in the remodeled...
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    Sound Quality of new roon versions (builds)

    It may well be the server and what precedes it that influences the sound. And then we have our preferences. For example, I've read about Roon sounding slow (transient response) but with my server/Roon core it is anything but slow, at least to my ears. I would have to hear Roon in a setup that...
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    Sound Quality of new roon versions (builds)

    Luckily, updates on iMac, iPhone and iPad went smoothly. Probably won't use ARC for now, but it is certainly great to have all that new functionality for free. The only thing I don't like about Roon is the Roon Forums :) So much weird speculation and agita.
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    Pie in the sky or major soundstage breakthrough ?

    So, the listener can change the intention of the musicians? Bolding added. "Our system, which we call 3D Soundstage, permits music playback in soundstage on smartphones, ordinary or smart speakers, headphones, earphones, laptops, TVs, soundbars, and in vehicles. Not only can it convert mono...
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    Just how does one learn to listen?

    When I was listening to Julian Lage's Worlds Fair it occurred to me that a solo acoustic instrument (in the hands of someone who can play anything on that instrument) is a good place to start purposeful listening. An acoustic guitar can sound pretty close to live in one's listening space and...
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    Just how does one learn to listen?

    Ron Carter, the jazz legend, is also an audiophile. Years ago he talked about upgrading his speakers and how he was finally able to hear his bass via his setup the way it sounded to him when he played it. His listening worlds had converged.
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    Just how does one learn to listen?

    perhaps the secret to life as well. One interesting observation is how one listens to live music and whether one has a different listening "pattern" when home. I prefer being pulled into the music, having the gear disappear and just listening to the musical story unfolding. When I'm in...
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    The new Denali 6000/S v2

    That will be an interesting experiment. In my setup the Denali V2 has allowed me to hear my gear's true potential for timbral realism and tone (and timing). I finally understand why power distributors are the foundation, even if the gear is quite good without it (meaning, the gear both rejects...
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    Class A power amps and electricity crisis..

    From personal experience, a generalization like that isn't always true (is any generalization?). My wife doesn't care about equipment. As long as she is playing her favorite music at (for her) high volume, singing along and/or dancing, then I know we are on the right track. As far as a second...
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    Class A power amps and electricity crisis..

    I haven't read any user/owner comments that Class D sounds better than other topologies (although some manufacturers seem to say they can sound equivalent). Class D is one option among many and there are often comments that users/owners are enjoying music and don't miss what they had...
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    Class A power amps and electricity crisis..
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    Class A power amps and electricity crisis..

    How important do you think power conditioning is for class D (as opposed to other topologies)? I assume part of the answer is that it depends upon the power grid that feeds your home. My amps sounded fine powered directly by the outlet, but power conditioning makes them really sing, however...

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