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    The best sound I have heard was found at Jacob Heilbrunn's house.

    Not trying to stir a argument but, Wow! Dart a niche product? I don't agree with that at all, if Dart is niche so is everything else in your system, please explain more? As far as price, let's face it , most of what we lust for is way overpriced in the audio world. Dart is basically in line...
  2. Doshi Audio V3.0 Tape Stage

    Doshi Audio V3.0 Tape Stage

    From web page: The Doshi Audio V3.0 Tape Stage is a reflection of the resurgence among analog tape and audiophiles’ need for a quality tape preamplifier. This is a fully functioning unit developed for the high-end audiophile and professional audio engineer. The V3.0 tape stage features a...
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    The WBF humor and joke thread.

    WHY WE MISS RODNEY DANGERFIELD: With my old man I got no respect. I asked him, "How can I get my kite in the air?" He told me to run off a cliff. I went to a massage parlor. It was self-service. A girl phoned me and said, 'Come on over. There's nobody home.' I went over. Nobody was home! A...
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    Finally I have my own NHB-18NS (plus my 108)

    Congratulations on your darTZeel combo! I have enjoyed the darTZeel products for many years & have no desire to change. If I may input a couple of future recommendations: 1. Upgrade to the newer preamp , major upgrade especially to the phono section, xlr inputs, & batteries! 2. Look into the...
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    Rio 2016 Olympics - next Summer Olympic Games in Brazil

    NorthStar, Thank you for sharing, great reads, vids, & pics! I love the Olympics & watched as much as I could but IMHO NBC does a horrendous job in their coverage! What a joke! Thank God I was able to watch some events on another channel.
  6. rad

    Analogy Records Sells Only Master Tapes

    My question would be how many other so called companies & persons are doing the exact same thing ?
  7. rad

    New tape pre-amp king!!

    Excellent Nick,:):D:cool:
  8. rad

    The New NHB-18NS' Have Landed!

    Jonathan, I've only had the new NHB-18NS in my system for a week now but I'm so impressed with the improvements that I'm compelled to let er rip. The original was & is awesome in it's own right but Herve' has taken the new NHB-18NS to new levels, there is no denying this. Lower noise floor...
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    New NHB 18NS

    I HOPE these rumors are Correct!!!! Waiting patiently!
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    Need help picking $30k speakers

    I would have to agree with rockitman as well. There are many a great speaker to choose from in this price range ( used ) if you can find them. I would throw the Evolution Acoustics MM2 & 3's in the mix for sure. IMHO better than some already mentioned.
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    Doshi V3.0 Tape Preamp

    Also own one as well & echo Steve with matched ERCC801's. More macro & micro detail. Great bass control. Not to knock the other tape pre's but the Doshi fits my system.
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    Doshi V3.0 Tape Preamp

    You're in for a real treat! Please post your impressions.
  13. rad

    BB King passes... we have lost another!

    RIP BB King. If your a true Music Lover, a good question is: Who doesn't have a BB King LP in their collection? He will be greatly missed, May God Bless...
  14. rad

    OpenReelRecords : new title on the market ...

    Anyone into tape, these are a must! Excellent all the way around... from recording, music, to package, & shipping. FIRST CLASS! Well done,:D Thank You, Gary

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