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    Waversa Wcore, WRouter, Streamer

    Yes I plan on comparing to the streamer in the Bel Canto , Yes the Wrouter/Wcore is a nice improvement . But even just using the Wrouter as a switch was a great improvement
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    Waversa Wcore, WRouter, Streamer

    I received my Waversa Wcore Router and Wcore 2.0 a few days ago , I installed a 2.5 SSD in the Wcore 2.0 . I am using a Belcanto Black ASC2 system which has a built in streamer . I will be trying the Wrouter WNDR(Waversa Network Direct Render)which stands non-buffer transmission technology . So...
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    Luxman C900 & 900U

    just picked up the new 750 Headphone Amp last night , do far I’m really liking it
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    Luxman C900 & 900U

    I am actually in the middle of adding 2 REL Carbon Subs also
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    Luxman C900 & 900U

    Joseph Audio Pearl 3’s
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    Luxman C900 & 900U

    Thanks , I’m using Antipodes Ref bal cables , I will look into the feet
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    Luxman C900 & 900U

    Just picked this combo new Luxman C900 & 900U love it
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    Zenwave D4 single ended cables

    I’m selling these in together , I need to replace them with XLR’s .05 m pr and 1m pair WBT F&F or check I will cover shipping also lower 48 New Price 2125.00 I will take $975.00 (1) barrel connector has the tape lifting see pic
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    TotalDac Gigafilter 1.5 m

    TotalDac Gigafilter 1.5 m Used maybe 5 hours $1300.00
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    Totaldac D1-TWELVE Save $8000.00
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    Tung-Sol 6550

    Matched date codes used 1 week in a preamp $200.00 F&F I’ll cover shipping lower 48
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    Antipode Reference Cables FS

    I have (2) pr of Ref RCA Cables 1m each 1990.00 Retail Sell 995.00 each pr (1) pr of Ref Speaker Cables 8ft Retail 2400.00 Sell 1200.00 These prices are Money Order / Cashiers Check shipping will be extra
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    Abyss Headphones

    Abyss AB-1266 Light Planar Magnetic headphones, I purchased these new on 08/31/2016 and they have around 100 hours on them tops . I have all org packing and I will double box for safe shipping . 2550 plus shipping

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