Rob Bertrando
DOB Apr 2, 1953

Listening to music, obviously. Remastering mostly live recordings, officially released and not.

Downhill skiing, trail running and hiking, soccer, volleyball

Reading SF & mysteries, audio and m
Reno, NV
The Place To List Your Gear
Stereo (music only) room:

Oppo BDP-205 Modwright (all options) tube mod
Pass Labs INT60 (Acoustic Zen Krakatoa PC))
Daedalus Audio Apollo 11's
REL S3 (low-pass only)
Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper XLR
Daedalus/Wywires speaker cable

Stillpoints Ultra Minis under Oppo
A variety of ASC Tube and Tower Traps, GIK 242's & 244's

Shunyata Research Venom 3 (x2) - one to Oppo
Harmonic Technology Fantasy 10 to Modwright PS 9.9
Acoustic Zen Krakatoa to Pass (from Furutech Copper wall outlet)
Torus IS 5 power
Adona rack

with computer in a separate office
Headroom More Little Power headphone amp
Sennheiser HD-600
Sony R500 DAT

Living Room (home theater)

Modwright Oppo BDP-205 analog to
Yamaha RX3080 and Venom HDMI to Panasonic ST50 55" plasma
Acoustic Zen Crescendos (full range) (L/R front), Stillpoints Ultra SS (4 each) under speakers, driven by a W4S ST500 MkII
Martin Logan Motion 50XT center
NHT dipole surrounds
VMPS Larger Sub

Acoustic Zen Double Barrel speaker cable
ER physician, semi-retired


Oppo Modwright BDP-205 full mod
Pass Labs INT-60
Daedalus Audio Apollo 11's
Daedalus/Wywires and Acoustic Zen cables




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