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    Takatsuki Tubes

    Another testimonial regarding the longevity of the Takatsuki 274B rectifier tube. Well after 1200 hours he passed away. Obviously, I'm disappointed, but the sound quality of the Tak 274B is magical, the musical emotion goes perfectly with this tube. I can not live without it. So I ordered...
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    Anyone Listen to the Taiko Extreme Server and Go With Something Else? Anyone Make a Change from Taiko?

    Given the devaluation of the euro, the new Antipodes Oladra will be the same price as the Taiko Extreme. Something to think about...
  3. Rejean

    Introduction of my new Antipodes K50 Music Server

    The only modification I made to my K40 is to replace the fuses with Synergistis Reserach "purple" fuses. A nice improvement in musicality.
  4. Rejean

    QSA : My take on their expensive products

    I was wondering. What effect can SR or QSA fuses have on subwoofers?
  5. Rejean

    SOtM sNH-10G Switch : Mods & Tweaks!

    Yes, I have the same question.
  6. Rejean

    Introduction of my new Antipodes K50 Music Server

    Personally, I am very satisfied with my K40. The synergy with my dCS Rossini is magical. Many beautiful musical evenings... It should be noted that dCS recommends the ethernet input for the Rossini and the Vivaldi in order to obtain the best sound quality from their products. However, I...
  7. Rejean

    Breaking news from DCS….

    Thank you for your impressions. Although there are still few comments on the APEX update, it seems like a serious update. I believe I will add my name to the queue.
  8. Rejean

    Introduction of my new Antipodes K50 Music Server

    Thank you. It's very interesting. Can you provide more information on the type of Synergistic Research fuses. Is it 2.5 amp slow-blow 5x20mm?. I own the Antipodes K40 which I really appreciate.
  9. Rejean

    New Synergistic Research Carbon Tuning Discs

    I am curious by nature. Intrigued, I ordered a box of SR Carbon Tuning discs. I installed the "gold" on the Nordost Valhalla 2 XLR interconnect cables at the input of my amplifier (WooAudio 3ES-Elite) and the two "purple" on the power cables at the input of the dCS Rossini and the Master Clock...
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    New Stax flagship?

    I received the STAX SR-X9000 headphones two days ago. I spent several hours listening to them. Obviously, it takes about 100 hours for the "burn-in". My first impressions are very favorable. I'm even very impressed, it's like there is no need for "burn-in". Right out the box, it’s very, very...
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    Introduction of my new Antipodes K50 Music Server

    Interesting. I do not know. However, I can confirm that the Antipodes K40 server is really impressive. In my case I use the K40 as a server and my Rossini dCS as a player. To reduce vibrations I use a Symposium Acoustics Svlete Plus platform and the Rollerblock series 2.
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    Introduction of my new Antipodes K50 Music Server

    Yes, all ethernet signal is kept in both directions.
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    Introduction of my new Antipodes K50 Music Server

    The K40 acts as a server only. It perfectly replaces the ROON Nucleus. All you need to do is transfer your ROON database to the K40. It is designed for DACs which are ROON Ready and which are optimized for an Ethernet input (eg: dCS Rossini).
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    New Stax flagship?

    I also enjoy my STAX SR009s and will keep them. Sometimes my wife and I listen to music together, she will use the 009s and I use the X9000. I am convinced that STAX is serious with this new design. My amplifier is the WOO-Audio 3ES-Elite with Takatsuki tubes. It is simply fantastic with the SR009s.
  15. Rejean

    New Stax flagship?

    I ordered the SR-X9000 this morning and had to pay, $ 6200USD. It is not dramatic. I can't wait to listen to it.

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