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    FS: Shunyata Power Cords and MIT Cables

    3 Shunyata Research Python CX Series. 1.8 meter ($550 each) 1 Pair MIT Magnum MA 2 meter single ended RCA interconnect ($550 for the pair) 1 Pair MIT Magnum MA 2 meter Proline XLR balanced interconnect ($650 for the pair) I have the original boxes. All pricing includes shipping (in...
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    FS: Spectral DMC-30SS Reference Preamplifier II

    FS: Spectral DMC-30SS Reference Preamplifier Series 2 I am the original owner, have all the shipping boxes, power cords, remote, etc. Excellent cosmetic and operational condition. For all of the details, go HERE MSRP $12,000 Priced to sell quickly at $6100.00
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    dCS Scarlatti DAC, Word-Clock and Up-sampler for sale - and priced to sell very quickly.

    I am the original owner and have the boxes and manuals that came with each unit. All are in pristine condition cosmetically and functionally. On a scale from 1 to 10, they would all be rated a 9.5 only because they are not brand new. If you are looking here, you know all about these products...
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    Dirac Unison

    Flavio, I am also now confused. Are you saying that for stereo measurements, the vertical spacing should be 36 inches (18 above the ear and 18 inches below the ear)? If so, the lower measurements will be taken well below the top of the back of the chair. If so, how far away from the back...
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    Dolby Atmos, etc. and speaker selection

    I have been living with a 7.1.4 Atmos system for a few months. Also, Audioguy lives near me and he also has a 7.1.4 Atmos system. I would recommend getting the 6 less expensive speakers. The difference between 7.1 and 7.1.4 is huge. Also, the surround and height speakers don't have to be...
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    AYRE DPS Turntable

    I had a Tron 7 Reference phono stage made specifically to match the recommended characteristics of the Allaerts cartridge.
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    AYRE DPS Turntable

    I have a DPS 3 that I purchased before Ayre took over. I have a Schroeder tonearm and Allaerts Formula 1 cartridge. I live about an hour from Atlanta.
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    Computer Audio: confusing, complicated, & INCONVENIENT. About MUSIC or inner nerd?

    Everything you say is true, but the point is that just like AD/DA conversions will move us further from the master tape, so will the room. I know that you believe this because you have an acoustically designed room. If the speaker room interaction did not move us further from the master tape...
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    Computer Audio: confusing, complicated, & INCONVENIENT. About MUSIC or inner nerd?

    There are conversions which even you use to improve the sound. How about the RIAA curve? What do you mean by the "the D/A converters used in DSP"? How do you know that the conversions you talk about are not transparent? Have you ever tested your hearing with these conversions? If...
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    Computer Audio: confusing, complicated, & INCONVENIENT. About MUSIC or inner nerd?

    It is not that DSP'd PCM sounds the same as DSD. It sounds different and can be superior because of the improvement DSP imparts.

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