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    HI JadeGhost, Sorry, I cannot tell you if the silver unit is a Futterman.The Futterman I heard and saw was way back in the 1980's and there have been a few different people build them NYAL (New York Audio Labs ) was one such but that was later I think than what we are looking at. Sorry I can't...
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    Hello, Unfortunately the Futterman amps have a reputation for letting out the smoke,modern day Atmosphere amps of the OTL concept have taken a huge step foward in regards to reliability. Nice to see them and GLWS them, but I would be cautious about firing them up without a full technician health...
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    Transparent Audio: Gen 6 Announcement

    Hi Bob, I am watching your announcement with much anticipation.........Alsyvox Botticelli speakers are I believe such a wonderful speaker ,you are in for a fantastic journey. Pilium amps I have not heard but they sound like a very special beast top class sound without the heat.....I like that...
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    Outstanding Sound Improvement with Videos before-after/ VYDA Cables

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Vienna for sharing your journey with VYDA cables ,they sound like a fantastic product. Cheers Russ
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    Outstanding Sound Improvement with Videos before-after/ VYDA Cables

    Hello Vienna, Have you had the opportunity to try these new speaker cables yet? I would love to know your feeling about them. Kind regards Russ
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    Harbeth Monitor 40.2

    The Spendor sp100 of the late 1980's early 90's required a taller stand than usual ,I tried them on both but can't remember the exact height but the taller stand made a world of difference no longer boomy but tight extended bass and a wonderful spacious image on Lumley 120 valve mono blocs...
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    Cable Elevators

    "Mind the GAP"
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    State-of-the-Art Digital

    Antipodes is a New Zealand based company not Australian.
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    VAC 452 iQ review in Stereophile

    FYI Halcro has a new owner and is making a comeback with new designs ,I for one will be interested in giving them an audition.
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    Jeff Rowland Daemon – Reviewing A Statement Superintegrated Amplifier

    H Hello Guido, The Daemon at RMAF 2015 was showing a lot of promise particularly against some highly touted German electronics in another room across the hallway that was in my opinion disappointing!!!!! brash bright and unlistenable ...the large wilson ,constellation DCS room on the...
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    Jeff Rowland Daemon – Reviewing A Statement Superintegrated Amplifier

    Hello Guido, I heard the Daemon at the RMAF 2015 upstairs with YG loudspeakers and the sound you are describing sounds like the Daemon I heard was not fully run in ,but in saying that the JRDG room had to my ears the best match at the show to the YG speakers ( if I remember correctly they had...
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    Italian top cable KURO

    AQ dropped Bocchino years ago as a connector supplier and went their own way.
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    Carver Reference System

    Hello again....WOW is all I can say ,that is something I would love to build or have ( A dedicated room for audio ) .Please take photo's and update's when you can ,I know many of us are very interested in your journey WOW!
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    The Two Amigos Visit New Zealand-another 15000 Mile Epic Trip

    Thank you Tao, I have spoken to many family and friends back in Christchurch and the feeling of helplessness and shock is overwhelming along with the City being placed in a lockdown with schools and other institutions closed it seems very surreal to me as I watch this madness from a distance .I...
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    Carver Reference System

    Oh I missed your reply ....sorry, I will put up some photos of my room once I get time to sort it out .The room is part of the family area so I would like to move the speakers 90 deg along the long wall but my lady is not too happy about that idea hmmm domestic bliss versus compromised sound...

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