Jan 8, 1984 (Age: 36)
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Edgerouter lite - two tp link media converters - sotm 10g switch with internal clock - sotm passive ethernet filter (all connected with AQ vodka ethernet cables and powered by IFI power bricks on ifi power station)- to aurender n10 via AQ diamond. AQ wel signature AES to denafrips terminator dac - AQ fire xlr to line magnetic 845 premium integrated with psvane ACME 845s/300Bs , firebird zero speaker cable to Cube audio nenuphar single driver speaker. All AC cables are AQ firebird high current and source versions, plugged into a second IFI power station. Both power strip plugged into a furutech duplex rhodium nfc. All fuses are SR orange or blue.
Basically a costly but worthy audio heaven!


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