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    Amplifier Recommendations /Suggestion to demo for YG Carmel 2

    I ran YG Carmel series 1 for 2 years on Spectral 260 amp- 15ss preamp and Spectral MIT 350-770 cabling. Superb! The imaging, resolution, and bass these speakers put out with the Spectral combo was just amazing. There are some great prices on this gear now with the arrival of the 300 and 200...
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    Shunyata DENALI

    My 6000T is nice and dim. My Denali 2000, which I bought first, will burn your retina if you look at it long enough:) A dimmer would be much appreciated.
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    Review - S5 MKII

    Bud, My S5s are in almost the same location from the back wall as yours, (maybe little further out, but not much) and tube traps in the corners behind the speakers will blow your mind! I didn't believe it until I tried them, and my wife was raising holy hell when they arrived, but honestly...
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    Shunyata DENALI

    Add me to the list of mighty impressed. I put a Denali 2000 between the wall and my Constellation monos, and noted a big difference moving from the Cyclops V1. Several weeks ago, I added the 6000 for the front end, powered by their Alpha HC cord. Was a little disappointed for a few weeks...
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    Four months with the Constellation Inspiration Preamp and Stereo amp

    Funny, I ended up going back to the Constellation Inspiration preamp and amp.. (That transparency really gets into your brain, and its hard to live without once heard). I listened to the stereo version for 7 months, then switched over to the monos for the last 4 months. The monos are quite a bit...
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    What cars are you looking forward to?

    I had a black e46 convertible with red interior and stick. One of my favorite cars, and one I regret selling. Seats were probably the most comfortable of any M series, and the handling was superb. Good for you for doing a restoration! Enjoy.
  7. scouter

    What cars are you looking forward to?

    I hope that you haven't been a long time client of THAT dealer. 10k over MSRP is ridiculous for anything , especially a car. Too many great cars out there to pay anything over sticker unless you have to have the latest. A month later, you just have "a car".
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    Interesting anti-snoring device

    jack, Check out the ARES in home sleep device. Many insurance companies are paying for this, as we all seem to sleep better AT HOME, in our own bed, with few wires and strangers looking at us sleep (creepy). I have personally used the device before we became in home testers to make sure it...
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    Interesting anti-snoring device

    The device may indeed work to stop snoring, but snoring may be a symptom of a more serious underlying issue- sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is one of the most under diagnosed medical problems today. It has been linked to high blood pressure, diabetes, and serious, sometimes fatal auto accidents. A...
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    What Vintage Piece of Electronic Gear Did You Wish You Never Sold

    Agree this thread is painful! Mark Levinson 331 amp Levinson 36 37 dac and transport Levinson 380 pre Audio Research Classic 60 monos Oracle Delphi Mk 2 tt with ET 2 arm and Talisman S cartridge- all set up by the master himself, Robert Taylor of Taylor House
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    Shunyata DENALI

    Ha! Ha! We all love our stereos, but...:)
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    Shunyata DENALI

    Bud, I just plugged in a Denali 2000T into my mono Constellation amps, changing out a V1 Cyclops. Also burning in 2 Alpha Ztron HC cords out of the Denali, so too early to comment on. Out of the box, more silence between notes. Not full spectrum sound yet, as expected due to cord burn in...
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    In search of my last great loudspeaker

    Russ, Not to hijack the post, but I too suffered an immediate hearing loss in my left ear about one year ago. Talk about depression- I was!! Sudden Neurosensory Hearing Loss was diagnosis, and idiopathic at that (thank God no acoustic neuroma). Anyway, 2-3 weeks on steroids and hearing was...
  14. scouter

    Torus RM20

    Have you compared the Torus to the Shunyata Denali driving the mono amps? Just wondering, as have heard good word of mouth for the Denali with mono amps.
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    Spectral and YG Acoustics

    I used a Spectral 15 - 260 driving YG Carmel 1s and it sounded great!! I had this system for 2 1/2 years before I switched over to Magico. The Carmel has a lot more bass than people give it credit for when used with an amp like the 260. (Replaced my Oddessey Khartgo with the 260, and wow! Of...

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