Cologne, Germany
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Speaker: Avalon Acoustics Osiris
Pre: Soulution 720
Amps: Audionet Heisenberg
Dac: Lampizator Baltic 3
CD: Oracle 2000
PhonoPre : Phasemation EA-1200 & T-2000 Step up
Phono: TechDAS Airforce III P, Basis Debut
Tonearm: Durand Tosca, Fidelity Research FR64s, FR64fx, FR54, FR24 MkII, Ikeda IT-407, Glanz MH 1200, Sorane TA-1L, Sorane SA 1.2, SME 3012R, The Wand Master, Brinkmann 9.6, Metaxas Combobulator
Cartridge: Soundsmith Hyperion OCL, TechDAS TDC01, Kiseki Black Heart NS, Ortofon SPU, EMT Novel Titan, Ortofon Verismo, Kuzma Tigereye Platinum, Koetsu Azule Platinum, Benz LP-S
Streamer/Renderer: Antipodes K50
Cables: NBS Black Label III, JPS Aluminata super, Wireworld Platinum, vdh, HMS
Power: Furutech 6, various Keces P8 LPSU
Bases: HRS M3X, accurion i4 large, CMS Maxxum
Racks: CMS, HRS, Artesania


Speaker: Avalon Acoustics Osiris, Altec 604e, Heretic AD612, Tannoy HPD 385 Pre: Soulution 720 incl Phono Amp: Audionet AMP, Heisenberg, Phasemation MA-2000 Integrated: Soulnote A-2 DAC: Metronome DSC1, Lampizator Baltic 4 CD-Drive: Oracle CD2000 Musicserver: AntiPodes Oladra Switch: LHY SW-8 PhonoPre: Soulnote E-2, Phasemation EA-2000, vdh The Grail SB, Phono: Kenwood L-07D, Basis Debut Gold Standard, Basis Ovation, TechDAS AF-3P, Kuzma Stabi R, Technics SL-1000 MKII, Luxman PD444, STST Motus IID Tonearm: Ikeda IT-407CR, SME 3012R, FR 64s, Sorane ZA-12, Graham Phantom II, The Wand Master, Brinkmann 9.6, Glanz MH-124s Cartridge: Audio Technica AT-MC2022, Ikeda Akiko, 9 Mono, Phasemation PP-5000, PP-Mono, PP-2000, Accuphase AC-5, Shure V15 Vx, Ortofon Verismo, Koetsu Tigereye, Benz LP-S, TechDAS TDC 01 Step up: Phasemation T-2000, Consolidated Audio 1:10 copper, Kondo KSL SF-Z Cables: NBS BL I & III, JPS Super Aluminata, Wireworld Platinum, MIT EVO 850, SAEC Stratosphere Triple C Power: Furutech Powerblock 6E Rack: Artesania Exoteryc, HRS SXR, CMS QXK, Maxxum Platform: CMS Black Diamond, Maxxum, Center Stage 2, HRS M3x, Accurion i4L, Yamamoto B-60 Grounding: Telos GNR



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