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    A Music Passion

    Here is a completely different Nova. Italian fusion band, with the incredible Corrado Rustici on guitar, performing Vimana. (actually, this performance is not Nova, but a recent performance of a Nova piece, with Steve Smith on drums)
  2. Simon Moon

    What's Spinning Tonight?

    Last night, my listening session went something like this: Started with Italian prog band, PFM. Their debut release, "Storia di un Minuto" on vinyl. Music does not get too much more beautiful than this. Italian prog is woefully underappreciated. Much of it is the equal of any British band of...
  3. Simon Moon

    Stereo System With A Headphone Jack?

    Seems like a question you should be asking yourself. If you do not have neighbors, or others you would disturb, then speaker listening is my preference. If you have limitations because you may disturb others, then headphones may be a good option. I almost always opt for listening with...
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    Good Music for testing Audio Equipment

    There are many reasons for this. First of all, pop music is not recorded with audio enthusiasts in mind. It is recorded to sound good on car stereo, smart phones with cheap ear buds, sound bars, home pods, etc. Even before all these new ways to listen, pop recordings were still engineered and...
  5. Simon Moon

    Eldar Djangirov, how did I not know about this guy?

    I forgot to check Discogs. I only checked Ebay and Amazon. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Simon Moon

    Eldar Djangirov, how did I not know about this guy?

    A jazz and classical prodigy at a very young age. Has not disappointed as he got older. Amazing chops and creativity. Only problem... His CD's are hard to find and expensive.
  7. Simon Moon

    What Does "Speakers Are Designed To Sound Coherent, Relaxed, Detailed, And Dynamic" Mean?

    I tend to disagree with this. I have heard many speakers that have a flat frequency response, without being heavy on bass or rolled off treble, that still sound warm. Speakers that tend to round off transcients, even slightly, will sound warm to my ears. GamuT RS5i for example, measure...
  8. Simon Moon

    What Does "Speakers Are Designed To Sound Coherent, Relaxed, Detailed, And Dynamic" Mean?

    While "warm sound" can refer to speakers that are rolled off in the upper frequencies, it can also refer to a speaker which have a very flat frequency response, but has mids and tweeters that tend to round off transcients and the attacks of instruments. Coherence usually refers to speakers...
  9. Simon Moon

    Wynton Marsalis' "Violin Concerto", not impressed

    A horrible thought just entered my mind. Since this recording just received such great reviews by Victor Serinus at Stereophile, this is going to be overplayed at every audio show for the next year.:mad: Hopefully, it will lose favor by next year's T.H.E. Show in LA.
  10. Simon Moon

    Audiophiles mostly aren’t music fans

    Not this old stereotype again. First of all, this is a false dichotomy. I know plenty of audiophiles (I'm one of them), with very high end systems , and all of us, are music first audiophiles. Does that mean that, there are certain times, when we spend a few hours, just listening to the...
  11. Simon Moon

    A Music Passion

    Oregon, playing Ralph Towners beautiful "Waterwheel".
  12. Simon Moon

    Wynton Marsalis' "Violin Concerto", not impressed

    Overall, I tend to agree. But I will say, his early original material was quite good. I still like his debut album and "Think Of One" quite a bit. I also saw him, and his original band, on tour for the debut album at the Roxy, and it was a pretty impressive show. But after that early period, I...
  13. Simon Moon

    Wynton Marsalis' "Violin Concerto", not impressed

    Not impressed at all, to say the least. It sounds like a pastiche of Copland and Gershwin. I can't help thinking, that if anyone else, without the celebrity and notoriety of Marsalis, release this, it would quickly fade into obscurity. But not only am I not impressed, this actually angers me...
  14. Simon Moon

    ECM Thread

    I just got a copy of Michael Formanek's, "Ensemble Kolossus". As the title suggests, this is a big band recording. Really nice modern and progressive take on big band jazz. I've only listened to it a couple of times, but it seems like there is much to unwrap.
  15. Simon Moon

    Why the lack of love for Bartok?

    I've tried. I have decent amount of Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mozart, and many other pre-20th century recordings in my collection. I play them from time to time, to see if they'll do anything for me. After all, if I begin to like pre-20th century music, that opens an entire new world of music...

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