Victim to the endless emptying of my bank account that is running an audio hobby.
Trying to find a cure to upgradeitis.
Realisation that hifi is worse than a hard drug habit.

Endless listening to deeply unfashionable prog rock
Worshipping at the altar of the comic God that is Larry David
E. England
The Place To List Your Gear
Trans Fi Audio Salvation direct rim drive turntable
Trans Fi Audio Terminator T3Pro air bearing linear tracking tonearm
Soundsmith Straingauge SG200 cartridge
Eera Tentation cdp
Nat Audio Utopia 2-box linestage
Nat Audio SE2SE 211 SET monos w/NOS 1948 GE tubes
Zu Audio Definitions Mk 4 full range driver/xoverless loudspeakers w/Duelund VSF Black Cu cap network upgrade and Lundahl sub-amp transformers
Wetwick 8kVA balanced power transformer
Entreq Silver Tellus and Olympus Mini grounding boxes w/Apollo interconnects
Entreq Silver Cleanus passive filter
Spatial Computer Black Hole anti-bass wave generator
Symposium Acoustics Isis Ultra and Rollerblocks RMK equipment supports and isolation
Sablon Panatella and QGC interconnects, speaker cables and power cords


Trans Fi Salvation tt & Terminator arm, Soundsmith Straingauge SG200 cart/Eera Tentation cdp/Nat Audio Utopia line stage & SE2SE SET monos w.NOS '48 GE tubes/Zu Definitions 4 spkrs w.Duelund caps & Lundahl transformers/Stacore isolation platforms, Symposium Isis rack & Rollerblocks isolation/Sablon Reservas & Elites cbls/Westwick 8kVA balanced pwr, Oyaides dedicated lines w.Furutech US sockets, SR Black fuses, Entreq Silver Tellus grndng.



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