Steve Williams

Site Founder, Co-owner and Administrator of What's Best Forum. A graduate of The University Of Toronto and practiced Ob/Gyn in Toronto from 1973 until 1978 when I relocated to Southern California in 1978 and ultimately to Northern California in 1993. Now retired after 35 years of active practice in Ob/Gyn and am back in SoCal on the 13th fairway of Coto De Caza's south course.

music, photography, travel, video
November 24
Coto De Caza, California, south golf course
The Place To List Your Gear
Wilson Audio X-2 Alexandria Series ll
Tech Das Air Force One turntable with Duralumin platter
Graham Elite Tone Arm
Ortofon MC Anna cartridge
SME 3012R NOS Tone Arm
ZYX UNIverse Premium copper cartridge
Lamm Industries ML 3 Signature
Lamm Industries LL1 Signature Dual Mono Line Level
Lamm Industries LP1 Signature Dual Mono Phono Stage
Studer Reel To Reel A810
Doshiaudio tape head preamp
Taiko Audio Extreme with 16 Tb's internal storage
Critical Mass Systems Rack Black DiamondBlack Diamond racks (4) for Amplifier
Critical Mass Systems Black Diamond Horizontal Rack for all front end equipment
Full loom of Master Built Ultra cables (interconnects, speaker cable and power cords and USB cable )
Center Stage Feet V2 size 1.0 under all front end components and power supplies and V2 1.5's under amplifiers-and power supplies and Taiko Extreme
MD. Retired Ob/Gyn


Steve Williams
aka oneobgyn
There's ALWAYS another Steve Williams BUT there's only "oneobgyn"
USA Dealer of Center Stage Feet and owner of PitchPerfect Sound (
Dealer Lamm Electronics
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