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    The [coffee snobs'] espresso thread

    Thank you. Everyone who visits me in Berlin gets the cappuccino. :)
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    The [coffee snobs'] espresso thread

    My favorite beans called Martella Coffee Maximum Class Espresso come from a small Roman roaster (Italy). Nice crema
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    Effectiveness of Short Run of Fiber Optic Cable.

    The fiber optic cable should usually be at least 2m long. But you can't say that in general. If the transmitter couples light into the fiber at -20 dBm and the weakest signal that the receiver can still recognize must have a power of -30 dBm, the difference between the two values is 10 dB. This...
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    Shootout of Nos 6sn7 tubes

    Thank you for this and the the answers. In the T + A instruction manual there is nothing about the tube assignment. The chief developer said that the left tube is the most stressed. The left and right are the sound-relevant tubes. I will try NOS later. Today came the delivery of Tube Amp...
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    Streamer-Music server choice

    I do not know if this is useful, but there are interesting things to read about what to look for in the Audio PC. ;) DIY Project High Performance Audio PC with high quality wiring Building a DIY Music Server
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    Shootout of Nos 6sn7 tubes

    Thanks for the many useful tips. I read the thread completely, but I didn't understand everything as a newbie. I have only been dealing with tubes since my T + A M10 monos. Tung-Sol 6SN7 are installed. T + A says: The tubes on the right and left have the strongest sound. A top manufacturing...
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    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    These are two different things. Saving in RAM is about separating the music files from the network noise. The music is played from the fast working memory. Buffer is about fetching the largest possible data packets on a slow network to avoid dropouts. In my experience, however, a large buffer...
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    StreamFidelitys Setup

    Thank all for the nice comments. The curtains are open during the day because I love to look into nature. The more intensive listening to music takes place in the evening. With the curtains closed, the timbres increase.
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    State-of-the-Art Digital

    I agree that the DAC is important. For example, I don't like HQPlayer on DACs that have an ESS chip. Perhaps it is because the ESS filters cannot be bypassed. In contrast, I have had very good experience with R2R DACs. For example Holo Audio Spring DAC or Denafrips Terminator DAC. T + A even...
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    State-of-the-Art Digital

    "State-of-the-art digital" is inextricably linked to the algorithms. Analogue becomes digital (recording) and again analogue (playback). Very high-quality mathematical models improve analog playback. Which leads me to HQPlayer. I can understand the criticism voiced. The setting options are not...
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    Anyone with big, high current amplifier(s) find a power conditioner that doesn't destroy the amplifier's virtues? Is it even possible? Which Ones?

    The Power Line Conditioner GigaWatt PC-2 EVO+ supplies the T + A M10 monos. They draw a lot of electricity. At the top, an M10 can provide up to 1,500W at 2 ohms. And no, there is definitely no loss of performance. I think the construction is excellent. A beautiful piece of industrial design...
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    StreamFidelitys Setup

    With my first post I would like to introduce my setup. :) The listening room is in a separate area with a nice view of the garden. The room is open to the rear of the living room. Absorbers are located on the walls to limit the side wall reflections. With curtains, carpets, etc., the...

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