Almost 40 years in this hobby

Golf, reading
Sep 28, 1956 (Age: 63)
New Delhi, India
The Place To List Your Gear
Rockport Aviors, Conrad Johnson GAT, Wavac HE 833 V2 SET mono blocs, TW AC turntable with Lyra Atlas, Durand Talea 2, Garrard 401 with Ortofon 309 D and Miyajima BE mono and Ortofon Silver Meister SPU, Nagra VPS with VFS, Shunyata Triton, Ortofon 80Se SUT, all cables Cardas Gold Reference. KLAudio RCM. HRS S1 under the TW TT and Nimbus couplers and plates on most components.


Amps: Wavac HE833V2 on Sistrum 101 stands
Preamp :CJ GATs2
Speakers: Rockport Aviors + REL G1x2
Phonostage :Nagra VPS+VFS+MPS,SUTs Lyra Erodion, Airtight ATH2
Turntable :TW AC with BN mods, Garrard 401
TonearmsDurand Talea2, Kairos , Ortofon 309D
Cartridges:MC Anna,Etna SL, Miyajima Madake
Digital :Musical Fidelity KW 25dac+Transport
Cables :Cables Audiomica,Poland, Lyra Phonopipe
Power :Triton V2+ Typhon, all PCs Shunyata Sigma HC etc
RCM : KLaudio
Rack :Cohernz Audio, Singapore




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