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    Psvane Acme Series (new flagship series)
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    Western Electric Audio Museum

    I had been to Korea for 7 weeks to attend the wedding of my daughter. I talked on the phone with Mr Chung whether Silbatone 300B SET is up to driving Altec A7 speaker which was available in West Vancouver, BC Canada across the border. After getting positive opinion from Mr Chung, I bought...
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    Shootout of Nos 6sn7 tubes

    Some 6f8g tubes using adapter also give fuller sound than 6sn7. 6f8g tubes have good potential although 1578 Melz is still my favorite overall. I had been comparing Sylavania, RCA, Raytheon, Tungsol, National Union and Zenith 6f8gs for the last two months in Schitt Freya + But I will travel...
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    Best headphone under 10k$

    I will get my second Covid vaccination next week. After being back from Korea to attend wedding of my daughter late May, I may visit your home if you give me chance to try it. Enjoy it.
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    Best headphone under 10k$

    Some people have high opinion on Susvara. Sr1a sounds like Apogee speakers with same ribbon technology. It sounds fast and transparent.
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    Best headphone under 10k$

    i auditioned Abyss CC with Sr1a. Thus i understand the potentila of Abyss TC. For the time being, I may be happy with trio of SR1a, Stax 009s and HD 800s. If I want powerful bass, then I will use my 2 channel system. 009s also give enough bass if driven by Kgsshv amp.
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    Best headphone under 10k$

    It depends on personal taste. Sr1a does not go below 30hz. Thus some people complain about lack of sub bass. But its bass is fast and tight and not bad until 30 hz. You have to try yourself to find out whether it is up to your taste. They give 15 days' return. i pulled the trigger after...
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    Best headphone under 10k$

    It may work well with tube amp like Audio Research 160m which has enough power to drive Sr1a. But you never know until you try yourself.
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    Psvane Acme Series (new flagship series) I had got mine from this dealer.
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    Nice subwoofers can make your speaker sing!

    Thanks a lot for your kind word. I use Accuhase Digital Eq to integrate the main speakers with 18 inch subwoofers. It seems to work well.
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    Psvane Acme Series (new flagship series)

    Line Magnetic 508 or 805 is a dream amp for tube roller. It uses one 6sl7 and pairs of 6sn7, 300B and 805. Thus there are almost ininite combination of tubes. ;) It has good bass control over most speaker with 88db or up.
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    best cost no object, cables

    There is no best cable for everyone. It will depend on your system and personal taste. Expensive cables tend to show lot of details but sound analytical if not in the right system. I had done lot of cable rolling in the past but now I had run out of gas. This year I had done tube rolling for...
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    Shootout of Nos 6sn7 tubes

    I would not waste time to consider the mismatched tubes made in 1959. After having gone through more than 16 6sn7 Nos tubes last 6 months. My recommendation is If you like full bass and wide and deep soundstage , then you shall try Melz 1578...
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    Best headphone under 10k$

    I am back to Rogue Cronus magnum ii fitted with Telefuken 12ax7 and Amperex 12au7 from Jot R. It sounds much more gracious through Rogue than Jot R to drive Sr1a. I believe Sr1a need dedicated tube amp. I also have good result with two 18 inch Scaena subwoofers to complement bass of Sr1a...

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