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    Shunyata Power Cord for digital/ sources

    I have tried both Venom v14 digital, and Venom NR v12. The NR version is better for all digital only stuff. Audible. And the price difference is negligible
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    Esoteric P03 & D03 vs K07xs or K05xs

    You realize the current version of the "K" series Esoteric is now XD, right? For example, K-01XD, K-03XD, etc.
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    Cybershaft new top model 10M clocks : UPOCXO-OP20A/OP21A

    Forgive my ignorance, but is there a US based Cybershaft dealer?
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    SOTA CD Player w/ Streamer built in

    Esoteric always confuses me with their many series numbers / versions. They also appear to upgrade their models quite often. Any K Series in particular you recommend? Any place to check their US price list?
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    SOTA CD Player w/ Streamer built in

    My bad. I should have specified “same price or cheaper” than MP 3100 HV
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    SOTA CD Player w/ Streamer built in

    Sacd playback preferred. Obviously with a great USB DAC built in. And also, with a nice streamer (Ethernet bridge) built in. I can only find one. The T+A MP 3100 HV. Anything else out there?
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    Luxman D-03X cd player : underrated & ignored?

    It does not look like it has the same DAC as D-10x, and obviously no SACD
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    Sigma NR v2 vs. Alpha NR v2

    What is DTCD? As far as the gauge is concerned, if a piece of equipment does not need a high current delivery even at high peak times, why would it benefit from a higher gauge cable? Thanks!
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    Sigma NR v2 vs. Alpha NR v2

    Maybe I am missing something, but looking at the specs, the only difference is the conductor size, everything else appears to be identical, correct? See attached, from website. So, because of this, if using into a relatively low current gear (I.e DAC, preamp, etc), then there is no advantage to...
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    Shunyata Research - New Products for 2020

    Yet, dealers have access to the pricing of v2, interconnects and speaker cables, and can take orders now. Go figure. If you ask me, very confusing from Shunyata Research company part. And weird
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    Shunyata Research - New Products for 2020

    A dealer told me Shunyata has just released the new version (v2) of their Sigma XLR intereconnects. MSRP of $5,000. However, I don't see anything on their website. Anyone knows anything about this?
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    From Alpha NR PC to Sigma NR?

    Oh wow! Thanks for chiming in!
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    From Alpha NR PC to Sigma NR?

    So what exactly is the difference between the new Sigma Reference (v2) NR and previous NR? Other than the $500 increase in price
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    Sigma and Sotm dCBL-CAT7 Ethernet cables

    Naahhh. :p. Just hook me up with a Shunyata dealer at a good price, and I can show it to you :);)
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    Sigma and Sotm dCBL-CAT7 Ethernet cables

    ‘Again, I was just kidding. Dude. And... I am not “a Synergistic man”. I am just an open minded guy. All good. I enjoy your posts. Nothing wrong with having some fun once in a while ;)

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