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    "New" Pair of Amati Homage

    I was looking for a pair of speakers that would be more visually appealing in my living area for one of the digital systems I run and came across a pair of SF Amati Homages for sale. The ad proclaimed that the speakers were an early model (serial #084) which suffered from a defect in the finish...
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    Post your Sailing Photos

    Interesting....I have never seen a jib-boom on a roller furl jib before...Nice!
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    Turntable platter-LP impedance match

    I agree on the importance of speed consistency and is the reason I believe switching to inelastic silk thread from a rubber drive belt was an audible improvement. Which is why I also think there are a lot of advocates for rim or direct drives. I have also wondered about speed control/consistency...
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    Turntable platter-LP impedance match

    Yes it does....considering how little material is used I was skeptical...but it was cheap and easy to implement so I gave it a to speak.
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    Turntable platter-LP impedance match

    From HW at VPI...his response to questions on what mat to use: I use three pieces of 1" wide black electrical tape on my platter now. Set at 120 degree spacing in the center of the groove area one piece is 1"X 1", and two are 1" X 2" with one of the rectangular ones 90 degrees to the other...
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    Turntable platter-LP impedance match

    I run a VPI Mk V platter on my TNT. It is probably a couple of decades old by now and is Delrin over stainless steel weighing in at around 20 pounds. I find that in my system, it sounds wonderful and is far and away the best sounding platter I have tried. The rage at VPI seems to be the all...
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    Hello from Texas and high up in the Rocky Mountains

    Welcome...Allenspark is just up the road a piece from Golden and lies on one of my favorite highways to ride or drive....enjoy the music no matter which locale you happen to be. Brock
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    Jumping on the bandwagon....sorta....SME 3009 R

    I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a SME 3012 R and ran across a 3009 R for all of $200. Yeah, I know, I would much rather have had a 12 but for only 0.2 units, I couldn't pass it up. Cosmetically a 9/10 and really does not appear to have been used. However, someone had decided to rewire...
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    Analog Magik

    Handcuffs??? ;)
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    Analog Magik

    Your sentiments echo mine. In the audio world there certainly is an obsession with minimizing unwanted variation....why else would manufactures build turntables that weigh in at tens if not hundreds of lbs, insist on speed control, spend not insignificant money on alignment devices, fixate on...
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    Analog Magik

    Yes, exactly...any normal alignment would be meaningless but can be revealed through tools such as AM. I would also agree that incorrectly oriented stylus would not be a normal malady, or I would hope so. Regardless, I think that AM on top of what ever normal alignment is used in primary set up...

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