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    My room treatment journey.

    Good evening, gentlemen. Every room is different. Every system is different. Every observation of both can be vastly different. Tom
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    AIAP: New Audio Industry Publications Association

    Here we are again.....same posts and vitriol, different year. We lost a valuable member of this forum because of the same exact thing......and since then? He has passed on from this big, blue globe. We now have new members of this forum that *may* offer us some insight to those who may wish...
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    State of the industry - Roy Gregory Editorial

    So, the universe doesn't exist? Mr. Bohr had better get in touch with publishing companies because some textbooks apparently need to be re-written. ;) Tom
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    State of the industry - Roy Gregory Editorial

    Some guy I think we all know (or most of us do) said it best, with regards to this latest tangent within the discussion - "Appreciation of audio is a completely subjective human experience. Measurements can provide a measure of insight, but are no substitute for human judgment. Why are we...
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    Avatar: The Way of Water | Official Teaser Trailer

    This is one we saw the preview for yesterday on "the big screen". The detail and graphics they have Looking very forward to this! Tom
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    In search of a DAC which sounds excellent.

    Within your price range, I would entertain the thought of or get your ears on an ANK 4.1 DAC (link below). Paired with a (make sure it is the 1.5 meter cable), the end result as to what hits your ears could...
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    Top Gun Maverick

    Well, the family went to go see Top Gun Maverick yesteday. Without giving anything up? Believe the reviews, it is as good as they say. They didn't ruin the first one by introducing a second and honestly? I couldn't tell you which one I liked better. Both are equally and even separately good...
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    RIP Peter Breuninger

    Sad new indeed. May you RIP, Peter. Thanks for all your contributions to our hobby. Tom
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    Von Schweikert Show Performance & AXPONA 2022 Wrap-up

    I think we all know what that means.....and that is sad. Tom
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    AIAP: New Audio Industry Publications Association

    Personally, I see this as just another rag/association with no weight. I would rather listen to something myself or rely on a few trusted ears, as it has been for some time. Tom
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    Viking Acoustics - buyer beware!

    Hello gentlemen and good evening to you. At this point, it's pretty clear that nothing constructive will happen here. I would advise both parties directly involved to take a look at post #61 above. The thread will now be closed and if any resolution is made down the road? Please reach out to the...
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    best thing i have read in a very long time....

    Gentlemen, please. While we appreciate the passion, this is a friendly reminder that politics is one thing that is against the TOS. There are a plethora of avenues elsewhere to discuss politics. The What's Best Forum is not one of them. Recent posts are teetering closer and closer toward...
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    Supporting "Genesis" Loudspeakers

    But plenty of admirers/fans! Myself included, TBT. This, going back decades ago... ;) Tom
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    Viking Acoustics - buyer beware!

    Hello, oldhvymec and good morning to you. You have received private warnings before this and it has not worked. So, we will take some more action that will hopefully make it to where you will understand that the WBF is not your personal broadcast arena to where you can air your grievances and...

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