Bougth my first stereo in 1968- In High End since 1998.Listen to all music Pop, Rock Blues, Classical, Taken up vinyl BIG after 20 years of CD.

History especially WWII
Mar 19, 1952 (Age: 67)
Stockholm, Sweden
The Place To List Your Gear
Focal Grande Utropia EM, Simply Black Maximus TT, ARC REF 2 phono, Simply Black Cantus tangential arm, Miyajima Mandake PU
Nagra tube dac with classic PSU, C.E.C tlo 3.0 transport, Accuphase 1000 tuner, Tarfala Audio speaker cables, Bertam Proxima 1 IC, tarfala IC
Audience ar6
Amp: LennArt labs sarabande integrated tube amp


Speakers: Focal Grande Utopia EM
Vinyl: Veteran hifi Simply Black Maximus TT
Simply Black Cantus arm /Miyajima mandake PU
Digital: C.E.C TLO 3.0/ Nagra tube DAC / MAC pro laptop with audionirvana plus (Nas and Tidal)
Audience ar6tss power conditioner
Audio Reaearch ref phone 2 SE
amp: LennArt labs SOTA sarabande integrated tube amp
Cables: just testing a new cheap DIY cable that so far beats everything I ever used
IC: Tarfala Audio, Bertram proxima
Power: Tarfala Audio
Speaker: Tarfala Audio biwire
Digital: PAD Dominus praesto




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