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Power:Nordost Full QRT Power Product Line, Furutech GTX-D NCF, Dedicated 20 Amp Circuits with Surge Protection at Panel

Cables, Isolation, Reflection and Absorption: Nordost Supreme Reference (Odin) and Reference Line (Valhalla 2). HRS M3X Platforms, HRS Damping Plates. Stillpoint’s Ultra 6/SS and Vicoustic Room Treatments

Power and Sound: D’Agostino Pre Amplifier to D’Agostino Momentum Mono’s driving Wilson Alexia’s.

Source: Aurender N10, Brinkmann Nyquist MK II
Seafood Processor


Power: Nordost Full QRT Power Product Line, Furutech FPS55N from Subpanel to Furutech GTX-D & G receptacles with GTX Wall Plates/105D Covers, Environmental Potentials EP2050 at the Panels, ADD-POWR line
Cables, Isolation, Reflection and Absorption: Nordost Supreme Reference (Odin) on Distribution, Reference Line (Valhalla 2) for Components and Speakers, HRS M3X Platforms & Damping Plates. Stillpoint’s Ultra 6/Ultra SS, Nordost Sort Cones TC, BC and AC. Stillpoint and Vicoustic Room Treatments.
Power and Sound: D’Agostino Momentum HD Pre Amplifier and Momentum 400 Mono’s driving Wilson Alexia’s. Boulder 508 Phono
Analog: Kuzma Stabi R, with Kuzma 4point 11 holding a Kuzma 50 cartridge
Digital Source: Aurender N10, Brinkmann Nyquist MKII



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