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    The new MSB Technology Forum

    I wonder why the choice of the Premier Power Base with the Discrete and not just go Premier?
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    Linear Power Supply Network Findings

    Hello There. In response to your question, I mentioned earlier I did not want to say the brand as every situation, meaning setup and circumstance are different. If your up for it and are running a similar type of some setup try what I did or take it further and see what results you come up...
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    Linear Power Supply Network Findings

    Yes, I replaced the LPS with the OEM SMPS. I followed the “standard” complete with cables, distribution, isolation and in fact it was the source of the problems though sonically it appeared to present well so in this event I didn’t pay much attention, against my virtues. Others may not have any...
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    Linear Power Supply Network Findings

    Hello - From my understanding, it's not so much the brand, but what is actually occurring as it seems the LPS is a straight pass through for MHz frequencies, there is no high bandwidth regulation or high band width filtering so it is essentially dumping the EMI/RFI back onto the mains and ground.
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    Linear Power Supply Network Findings

    I ran LPS for years powering modem and switches, and interestingly enough years later, removing the LPS have greatly improved my network performance. I’m running 1000 Mbps service, and use an Arris 8200SB modem that feeds the Eeros brand mesh network that includes a wireless router. The router...
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    My CH Precision/Magico System

    Ian - great to hear the results are more than expected, enjoy!
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    So what’s happens upon installing Magico’s MPods AFTER you have reach perfect speaker placement?

    Well you pull the pins! After the M3 speaker positioning was finalized, I wanted to get a better feel of the speaker so sat patiently allowing hours and days to pass while the speakers break in. From what I have heard, the MPods are a game changer and a must for the M series, so finally I was...
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    Taiko Audio Daiza platforms.

    Understood market conditions affect pricing. Is there an update on lead time?
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    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    Blue Jeans Cable here in Seattle build unshielded cables, bench test them and send certification along with cable - prices are well within reason.
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    T.H.E. Show 2021 WILL Go On!

    THE (The Home Entertainment) event in Long Beach, CA was the first audio show in 18 months - there was no way I was not going to support it! Though the show was small, and many of the more known manufacturers were not present, there was lots of great setups and products to see and hear. Even...
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    An Unexpected Champion : Intona Ultimate USB Cable

    Thanks for the info, I will look further into this along with doing a comparison and report back.
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    T.H.E. Show 2021 WILL Go On!

    I am heading down to the show, and looking forward to it and can use the break! I will be staying at the Hilton and would love to meet up with anyone interested, maybe we figure out a meeting spot and time for a quick meet and greet and then take it from there?
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    An Unexpected Champion : Intona Ultimate USB Cable

    I shifted from connecting via AES under an old configuration/setup to USB for asynchronous connection and better use of the DACs ability. Along the way I have tried several USB cables that varied in sound quality, they all seem to leave a signature for a lack of better term. After three brands...

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