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    Brick and Mortar Stores

    Audiogon delivers more options, on more gear than anyone I am aware of. You can find several versions on what your looking for in one place. I refuse to deal with our local dealer after bad experiences in all 3 of their stores.
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    What sound system do you recommend for a gym?

    How about one that works out - couldn’t help my self
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    new---Berlin Philharmonic Direct to Disc Bruckner No.7 Box Set---order while you can!

    I ordered this on June 10th with an express delivery option, and yet to receive it. kinda looking forward to it.
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    Olé Olé Olé: A Trip Across Latin America (Trailer)-The Rolling Stones

    Oh the singer, he looks angry At being thrown to the lions And the bass player, he looks nervous About the girls outside And the drummer, he's so shattered Trying to keep on time And the guitar players look damaged They've been outcasts all their lives
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    The Vinyl? It’s Pricey. The Sound? Otherworldly: NYT

    I just received Sonny Rollins Way Out West in Stereo. I make it a habit to clean all my records upon receiving them and after 4/5 plays, this one I decided not to but will clean it following my routine. Very well packed, and packaged. Tough time getting the sleeve out of the jacket. I played...
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    What does it mean when people describe Digital as Sounding like "Analog"? Best term?

    I “think” the term sounding more analog in a digital setting is brought on by digital believers wanting to feel good about their system using the term analog as an objective. Analog/vinyl produces a sound exclusive to its own right, and as I have learned how the native format was recorded...
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    Network Improvements and their Impact on Sound Quality

    I substantially increased sound quality by relocating the modem on the other side of the wall from the music room, it just required 45’ of coaxial. I do run separates; modem, router and grounded etherREGEN switch all connected with Audioquest Diamond to Gigafoil v4 to Aurender. All Keces P8...
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    What does it mean when people describe Digital as Sounding like "Analog"? Best term?

    My take on the question is there confused. Most likely they are listening to a digital mastered copy on vinyl and comparing it to the digital and believe their efforts made things equal.
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    Crazy Snow Storm around Seattle

    The load on the surface seems to be the reason, overall this will be a somewhat easy repair, a lot more worse could of happened - looks like things are improving. I would almost think a metal roof would make sense out there, maybe an idea on the porch overhang with a cool color?
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    Crazy Snow Storm around Seattle

    Off the Sound we received far less than inland, but still enough to make things crazy. One thing we have here over a lot of other areas are the hill and mountains which make things a challenge. Despite the weather, I have kept the Hummingbirds fed and music playing.
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    Qobuz vs. Tidal? Which one is better?

    Both have pluses, but it does seem Quboz is tilted to better sound quality at this point, despite full MQA on Tidal
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    CBS News Video - Electric Lady Studios

    CBS ran a news video on Electric Lady Studios this morning, and they did great job! Hendrix built this marvel at the height of his success, though was not able to use it but for the shortest of time. Studios have been taking hits with the internet leading way to new methods of making music...
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    Woofer And Tweet

    W/T - great stuff, it helps start the day!
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    What ethernet cables are members using?

    Hello - the Gigafoil V4 is drawing interest and I am trying to assess what you have before or after the Gigafoil. I ask as I put in an AQVox SE audio switch that incorporates filters and a clock and thinking the Giga may end removing some detail.
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    What ethernet cables are members using?

    Nordost Heimdell 2 (Nordost top-of-line), Audioquest Vodka, and AQVox. Nordost makes the biggest difference for me (more detail, at the right level level), priced the same as the AQVox, and AQVox makes my switch so I thought their cable would compliment the switch. Audioquest Vodka was just...

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