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Totaldac Twelve SE, Innuos Zenith SE (as NAS), CH Precision L1+X1, pair of krell FPB 750mcx, dunlavy SC-VI with external Duelund cast crossovers, Echole Omnia interconnects and power cords, Kubala Sosna Realization speaker cables.


Digital: Totaldac Twelve Mk.3 + Totaldac reclocker Mk.2, Taiko Extreme and Innuos Zenith Statement, Amplification: 2x Totaldac Drivers XLR, 2x Krell FPB 750mcx Speakers: Modded Dunlavy SC-VI w/ Duelund crossovers Cables: Kubala Realization (speaker), Echole Omnia 3ft XLR, Echole Limited Edition 8ft XLR, 3x Echole Limited Edition AES-EBU, Totaldac Gigafilter USB, Other: Nordost Odin II power cables, Echole Limited Edition and Omnia power cables, Telos GNR v3.1, SRA Scuttle mk.3 Rack, SRA VR 3.0 platforms, four dedicated 20A lines, lots of accoustic treatment.



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