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    Wonderful Brazilian Music

    Wishing all a blessed and safe Holiday season! Just had to share a recording that I thought sounded fantastic. "Todo O Sentimento" with Elizeth Cardoso & Raphael Rabello. Although downloaded from iTunes (44.1kHz) the performance and sound quality are wonderful.
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    Stanley Turrentine must have recording

    If you like Christian McBride try his new recording "For Jimmy, Wes and Oliver". Really nice.
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    Stanley Turrentine must have recording

    LL21, Actually it is not the SACD. CD version Blue Note Rudy Van Gelder but I will look out for the Analog Production SACD. Thanks.
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    Stanley Turrentine must have recording

    Just finished listening to 2CD set of Stanley Turrentine "Up At Minton's". Wonderful performance and great sonics even though it was recorded live in 1961!!! Really captures the venue as well. Just close your eyes and your transported back! Stanley Turrentine on sax, Grant Green on...
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    MPD-5 play 4x DSD?

    Email Andreas at Playback He is very helpful.
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    ARC future...

    After emailing ARC I was assured by Greg Christensen that Audio Research will indeed support it’s customers and he is optimistic for the future of the company going forward.
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    My wife and I enjoyed Ozark. A little far fetched but thoroughly entertaining. The actress Julia Garner (Ruth) also has a supporting role in "Dirty John" on Netflix which we found interesting and definitely worth a watch.
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    Donations for PPE for NYC hospitals

    Steve, Please check your paypal acct. All the best. Vito
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    Doctor's Orders-Part Two-The New Listening Room Of Steve Williams

    I figured there was a synergy with the Extreme. If your anything like me I assuming you have quite a collection of SACD discs. Are you somehow ripping the SACD layer of these discs onto the Extreme? If so what would be the optimal method of doing so? All...
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    Doctor's Orders-Part Two-The New Listening Room Of Steve Williams

    Could you elaborate on the improvements that you are now hearing with the Lampi DAC compared with the Playback Designs MPS-5? I've considered the PD MPS-8 but perhaps I should explore the Lampi products. Enjoy what is no doubt an awesome system!
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    Doctor's Orders-Part Two-The New Listening Room Of Steve Williams

    Steve, Congrats on all your new equipment! I was wondering if your still using your PD MPS-5 for SACD / CD playback? If not are you considering another transport? If yes are you bypassing the dac in the PD and using the Lampizator? Happy listening and stay safe...
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    JAMES BOND 007: No Time To Die Trailer (2020)

    Puglia not Pulgliao_O
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    JAMES BOND 007: No Time To Die Trailer (2020)

    My family and I were in Italy on vacation last August. One of the wonderful areas we visited was the city of Matera in the Pulglia region. They were filming ”No time to die” in this intriguing city. Fascinating to watch the production crew at work.
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    Simply amazing live recording

    I enjoy and routinely use high rez formats (DSD, SACD etc...) but this recording is plain old 44.1 kz/16 bits and sounds excellent. BTW the correct catalog # is 5276382.
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    Simply amazing live recording

    Catalog #. 1575-80

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