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    Bocchino sablon in da house!

    Upgraded from Supra CAT 8 cable to Sablon and wow. I did not realize that ethernet cable can make this much difference. Better dynamics, clarity and how it effected my sound musically in my particularly "warm" set of Macintosh and Sonus Faber. Highly Recommend.
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    Serafino Tradition to Amati

    Has anyone made this move? If you own Amati Tradition did you compare to Serafino initially? I’m thinking my room can accommodate bigger speaker and I’m seriously considering taking a loss on Serafinos and moving up the Tradition line.
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    Bocchino sablon in da house!

    Just figured it out and sent them email. Thank you very much!
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    Bocchino sablon in da house!

    Where do you buy Sablon - Im looking for ethernet cable...
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    Advice appreciated (SF guarneri Tradition, Focal and others )

    Oh I agree. Im choosing only between Guarneri and Serafino.
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    Advice appreciated (SF guarneri Tradition, Focal and others )

    I'm actually in the same search. Not sure if by now you made your decision - I started with Olympica then Olympica III until Guarneri Tradition. Last week I got a chance to listen to Serafino Traditions and was blown away. My room size is 17 by 14 so unfortunately Amati would totally dominate...

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