Young Skywalker


Exclusive New South Wales (Australia) representative for Acoustical Systems.

Analog source: Brinkmann Audio Lagrange turntable with Acoustical Systems Special Decoupled Platter upgrade, thread drive and two tonearms (Acoustical Systems Axiom carrying an Acoustical Systems Archon MC and Brinkmann Audio 12.1 carrying a Lyra Dorian Mono).
Phono equalisation/preamplification: Jeff Rowland Cadence with BPS-1; Lamm Industries LP2 Deluxe (modified with better parts).
Digital source/passive preamp: MSB Technology Reference DAC and Reference Digital Director with Network Renderer module. Roon Nucleus Plus streaming from Tidal and Qobuz.
Loudspeaker system/amplification: SGR Audio MT3F (external all-analog active line-level crossovers with external solid state amplifiers for each passband - tweeter, midrange and bass). Wired with Basis Audio PSTT speaker cables (3 separate runs).
Interconnect cables: van den Hul D102 mk3 hybrid (terminated with Furutech XLR plugs).
Power cables and conditioning: Isotek Systems EVO3 Premier, EVO3 Solus and EVO3 Polaris.
Equipment racks: SGR Audio Model III Symphony (with Model V Statement extended top shelf for turntable).
Listening room: Dedicated sound-isolated space measuring 6.5 metres long x 4.8 metres wide x 3.0 metres high. First reflection zone treated with custom RPG BAD panels. Slap echo treated with a combination of absorption and diffusion products from Vicoustic. Bass absorption courtesy of PSI Audio AVAAs in front corners. Listening in relative near field using Eames Lounge Chair.



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