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  1. Lardawg

    Record Brushes

    I find the Ursa Major brush works the best of all that I have tried. Relatively inexpensive all things considered.
  2. Lardawg

    Tube preamp.. What to choose

    Pre-Amp: Granite audio 770R is an awesome pre amp....Imparts nothing to the recording so the artists vision comes thru unimpeded.
  3. Lardawg

    Granite Audio 770R Pre-Amp

    ST Granite Audio 770R Pre-Amp STRENGTH: Not many reviews on this unit out there ,so here's my take. The 770 preamp does what all Pre's should do it neither adds nor subtracts from the musical experience. It presents the music in a pure and uncolored way allowing the artists vison to present...
  4. Lardawg

    What turntables do you use? Pictures would be nice as well :-)

    My rig simple but effective
  5. Lardawg

    What Cartridge(s) Is Everyone Using

    Audio Technica AT150SA

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