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  1. Kingrex

    The Search For The Perfect Sound. WA Post Article Interesting. Nothing new but a fun read.
  2. Kingrex

    Allnic H5500

    Has anyone heard this phono preamp. Even better, has anyone upgraded from the H1201 to the H5500. I am looking for a new phono stage. I want an all in one MC unit. I appreciate how some people like a SUT. I just don't want to mess with them. I have one. Its highly reactive. It requires...
  3. Kingrex

    Grounding and Shielding. A little light reading

    This is some of the stuff I read. This is a new book to me. I need to understand the implications of shielding. A specialized professional in recording studio work pretty consistently uses shielded cable in his projects. A mentor of mine got over technical for me explaining why a shield is a...
  4. Kingrex

    Does Music Have To Sound Real To Elicit Emotion

    Some post by Tima about our brains made mine stir. If my reference for music is a radio. And a crappy one at that. But I have all sorts of good time, bad times associated to events and music of the time played over a junk system, why wouldn't that same music over an Alexa not stir an...
  5. Kingrex

    Jay's CDT-3 Mk III.

    I feel a bit of a flipper on this topic. But I have heard a few respected people now say a good CD is better than a server. For one, the CD can use a COAX or AES output. It does not need USB. Has anyone tries one of these Jays Audio CD transports. Do they indeed trump any server you have...
  6. Kingrex

    Wire Splicing

    I don't like wire nuts. Functionally they are fine. They are one of the best connectors I have used in the field. But for audio, and people going to the Nth degree they have issues. 1. It will create a bad inductive vertices that will double back a great deal of RF noise that’s...
  7. Kingrex

    Caig Deoxit G100

    A few months ago I entered into discussion with Caig on their Deoxit products. I was looking for an anti oxidant because my panel test have shown that bare copper contacts are superior to any coated contacts I have heard. Maybe the silver is fine. But I don't like tin, so I remove it in my...
  8. Kingrex

    Show us your cable management system

    The space behind our racks is many times a cluster of wires. Not only do they interact with each other, many times they are hanging and stressing the connection point. I have mulled ways to mitigate this issues but never acted on it. The best I have done is to try and keep signal cables away...
  9. Kingrex

    A Ground Isn't Just Rods

    I think lot of people have a misconception about grounding. They seem to think you add ground rods and that is grounding. What they don't recognize is grounding is a system. You have to get the ground from a receptacle to earth. And what is earth. Technically earth is also the utility...
  10. Kingrex

    What A Neat Idea

    As some background for those that don't know, I am an electrician/Audiophile. I spent 6 years developing my understanding of how the electrical infrastructure of you home influences playback. For the last 2 years it has been an intense focus and my sole business. I have seen a lot of systems...
  11. Kingrex

    Biamp Issues

    I attempted to biamp my speakers again. The last time I tried i had a bad ground loop. This time I decided to take it slower. I first hooked up the Dartzeel. Only the mid/high drivers play. So far so good. This time i take it slow with the SET 845. I only hook up 1. This time the high/low...
  12. Kingrex

    Circuit Breaker vs Fuses

    Maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself, but I'm kind of excited for the next week. I am making a duel trip to the east coast. See family, and a visit to Fremer's place. Michael sent me an email after Munich and had a Hifi Tuning Gold fuse and fuse block in hand. I have heard all sorts...
  13. Kingrex

    Square D QO Panel Recall

    Some people have heard there is a Square D QO panel recall. These are good panels. I specify and provide them for clients all the time. I have gone to the Schneider Electric (Square D) website and found the recall is based upon "The wire binding screw within the lug body could potentially not...
  14. Kingrex

    Off Grid Vehicle Charger

    There are a lot of foreign readers here. I figure its a place to ask. Anyone see any good brands of voltage regulators that can take solar power and regulate it directly into a car battery. In the US, everyone wants to sell you a grid tied system. I don't want all the complexities and...
  15. Kingrex

    Equipment in built in wall unit

    I have a customer trying to fit a bunch of stuff in his not so big room with a large sofa, and kids stuff everywhere. He is building a hybrid system of 2 channel and surround TV. He is building built in cabinetry on a side wall the butts up to the front wall the speakers and TV are on. He...
  16. Kingrex

    I have been getting into Mozart

    Netflix has a show about the Mozart family. I have watched 2/3rds of it twice. My wife keeps falling asleep so I turn it off. Anyhow, It's a fun story that peaked my interest. It got me into looking at his greatest works and moving out from their. I am soon to start going from his early to...
  17. Kingrex

    What a nice wave

    My parents have 137 acre. People have land around here. They have their own transformer. They have a very nice sine wave. Oddly, the THD is 2.7%. Not much different from most other homes I'm in. I sort of wonder how much distortion is from the utility transformer itself. I would not...
  18. Kingrex

    I Went To Church And Can't Wait To Go Back

    I'm in VA visiting my parents. They have to go to church every Sunday. It's their thing. I figure, what the heck, I will go. Its a small place. Maybe 12 pew's deep and 2 wide. As usual, again, the paster eviscerates my family and how we live. I really am amused how my folks sit there and...
  19. Kingrex

    Electrical Current

    Video on electron flow. I find most topics related to power as interesting. I saw this thread when people posted about Synergistic Carbon Tuning Disc. What really caught my attention was Energy travels in the electric and magnetic radiated field, not the wire. Shielding. Energy flows in a...
  20. Kingrex

    SD Player

    For most of my digital time I have said a CD and a Server should sound the same as they are both computers of sorts. I have been worked over by friend and some industry professionals who are telling me, No, they don’t handle the digital packets the same. And not handling them the same means that...
  21. Kingrex

    Footers or foundation for Dartzeel 108

    Dartzeel seems to come with a thoughtful foot. But??? Had anyone tried footers. Or a particular stand that works well with the stereo version.
  22. Kingrex

    Do I want my every day stereo, all out performance

    As I have been playing my 2 amps and fleshing out the difference between them, I have started to ponder what I really want out of my system. Do I want all out, high performance, full redline playback. Or do I really want a more subtle, tempered playback. My 2 amps really are quite similar...
  23. Kingrex

    $2k streaming system for a friend

    A friend asked me to spec him a system for a $2k budget. He has a drive with music files. He wants to stream spotify. He needs an amp and speakers that will shake the room. Suggestions?
  24. Kingrex

    37 foot single ended interconnect

    I have talked and questioned about this for some time now. I don't have room for my tape deck at the rack. My system is all single ended. I need a 37 foot single ended interconnect to play 15 ips tape. First I tried some Mogami console wire soldered to link plugs. The Link is a good plug...
  25. Kingrex

    TENMARS TM-196 3-Axis RF Field Meter

    I get so much concern over RF I decided to try a meter. I figured $300 or so is not too much to chance. What I am really wondering is what I can do with the information. What if I do find RF in a room. Well, we all know I will. Its everywhere. Cell towers, phones, wifi. Its pervasive...
  26. Kingrex

    PAP Trio 15 Horn Modifications

    I have been wondering about modifying my speakers. Specifically, changing out the horn driver from a Beyma to a BMS. Attached is a link to the BMS. Overview ( It look like a great driver to me. I have already done all sorts of crossover component modifications. What I have...
  27. Kingrex

    Can someone make me a signal splitter

    I need a high performing rca splitter to A/B between 2 sources to 1 source. Preamp and tape output to headphone amp. Anyone out there think they can build this for me. PM me please. Rex
  28. Kingrex

    Radio Garden

    I was introduced to Radio Garden reciently. It's not hifi by any means. But its a pretty cool web browser application. You basically look at the world and there are dots all over. Every one is a radio station. Click a dot and it plays that station. You can listen to almost any station...
  29. Kingrex

    How Noisy Is Your Digital

    I'm an electrician. I have been into improving audio power since I got back into audio about 7 years ago. For a long time I have heard people say, keep your computers out of your audio room. I don't disgree at all that SMPS , florescent light, unfiltered dimmers, motors, VFD etc create power...

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