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    Shunyata Grounding System

    If segregating analog from digital with 2 SG hubs, Shunyata suggests the DAC to be connected to the analog SG hub since the output is analog.
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    Shunyata Grounding System

    Are you connecting earth from each SG to the Everest? SG (digital) to Everest and SG (analog) to Everest? This this the preferred way? I believe in the Shunyata document, it illustrates daisy chaining SG to SG to power distributor.
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    Shunyata Grounding System

    Lots of good info! If a component has no dedicated ground terminal, is it better to ground with an unused input? or output? If a component has no IEC ground pin, do NOT ground the component, not even with an unused input
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    Shunyata Grounding System

    Thank you for this information. It wasn't super clear in the document. I've attached a screenshot. To clarify, if one already has a Chassis Hub (for analog), one can just get a Signal Hub (for digital). However, to obtain optimal performance, get 2 Signal Hubs, one for analog and one for...
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    Shunyata Grounding System

    I read everything twice :) My system fits Profile A. Says I can upgrade the effect by separating analog from digital.
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    Shunyata Grounding System

    If I only have a DAC and an Integrated amp to ground (my music server doesn’t have an IEC ground pin, so not suitable), does segmenting analog from digital still make sense? I will then be using the Chassis hub for the integrated and Signal hub for the dac?
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    Share your experience with tweaks etc for your CH gear

    How did you screw the RevOPod to the CH? Did you have to remove the original footers?
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    Advice appreciated (SF guarneri Tradition, Focal and others )

    Will the Serafino be too boomy in a 13' by 13' room with minimal treatment? Previously used the Guarneri Memento and was perfect.
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    Siltech Cables

    The Classic Anniversary Network cable uses G9 silver-gold. I wonder what this new metallurgy is.
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    New convert to CH Precision - advice needed

    What happened? It's only been 3 month since you got them? Are you downsizing to the I1?
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    CH Precision D1.1 and C1.1

    The D1.1 and C1.1 designations are only used in China/HK per Florian. Only changes are the HD boards and CH HD link cable.
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    CH Zero line

    Is the Zero line below or above the One line in terms of performance?
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    My visit to CH Precision in beautiful Switzerland

    Model 201? Is this a new model?
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    My visit to CH Precision in beautiful Switzerland

    Any more detail on the new HD board? Is that why the new CH Link HD was introduced in Munich?
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    FS: Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento

    For sale is a pair of Guarneri Memento in Red Violin finish. It is in mint condition. No scratch, dent, stain whatsoever. The string grills are put into storage after 2 years of use. So the strings are still very tight. Leather is conditioned using the supplied leather conditioner and still...
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    For sale Accuphase DG-58 in mint condition

    $11,200 CAD for a mint unit! Almost 60% off!
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    Crystal Cable Dreamline Plus power cord 2.0m

    For sale is a 2.0m Crystal Cable Dreamline Plus power cord. This current model mono crystal cable is in excellent condition. Normal wear and tear on the plugs. This cable came from genuine Canadian distributor Plurison. Serial number can be seen on the outer box, authenticity card, and...
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    FS: Crystal Cable Dreamline digital cable 1.0M

    For sale is a 1.0m Crystal Cable Dreamline digital cable. It is in excellent condition. RCA plugs. Cable is genuine from Plurison, the Canadian distributor. S/N can be verified with Crystal Cable. Includes all original items: box, velvet bag, warranty card, certificate, paper work...
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    FS: Crystal Cable Reference Diamond speaker cables 2.0M

    For sale is a pair of 2.0m Crystal Cable Reference Diamond Speaker Cables. It is in very good condition. Normal wear and tear on the metal blocks and spades. Cables are genuine from Plurison, the Canadian distributor. S/N can be verified with Crystal Cable. Includes all original items...

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